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In 1999, a 14-year-old girl skipped school to meet an older man. She hasn't been seen since. Where is Leanne?

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14-year-old Leanne Marie Hausberg lived in Brooklyn, New York with her mom, Robin, her stepfather, Alan, and her twin sisters, Danielle, and Nichole. Alan raised Leanne since she was two. Leanne had a boyfriend named Matthew who was 15 years old and lived in Florida. Loved ones describe Leanne as somewhat of an extrovert who loved pop music and enjoyed writing in her spare time.

Unfortunately, Robin suffered a stroke in September 1998 and Leanne had to take on all the responsibilities of a mother to her younger sisters, which caused her a lot of mental anguish. Leanne began to skip school and started failing her classes at New Utrecht High School. She became withdrawn and distant and never confided in her family about her feelings or her life in general.
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When Leanne was 13, she came home with a new watch. Her parents asked her about it and learned that she went to a party for her friend Marilyn. It was at this party that Leanne met a 19-year-old man named Barry who was friends with Marilyn's mother. Barry allegedly handed out watches to Marilyn, Leanne, and some of the other young girls at the party. Leanne's parents made her return the watch which she hesitantly did. To this day, Marilyn refuses to speak with Alan about Leanne's case.

On March 18, 1999, Leanne never made it to school and she never returned home. Her parents reported her missing and Alan himself began an investigation, speaking to neighbors, business owners, Leanne's friends, and anyone else he could think of to find her, to no avail. Some of her friends refused to speak to investigators and even claimed that they had no idea who Leanne was.

While searching Leanne's room for clues, Alan found a secret diary in which the teen vented about her struggles at home and at school. She wrote that she wanted to run away or move in with her grandparents in Florida so she could be closer to Matthew. However, Leanne also wrote about several other boys she had been seeing, including a man named Deive who was 18 or 19.

In her room, Alan also found a piece of paper with a phone number for Bruins Transportation, where Barry worked. Bruins Transportation closed down after a fatal bus crash in December 1999.
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Alan obtained phone records and determined that Leanne made a call to Strictly Car Services at 6 am that morning, asked for a ride, and said she would pay when she arrived at her destination.

It was determined that Leanne left their apartment at 9 am and walked to Strictly Car Services. The driver confirmed that a girl matching her description asked him to drive her to Liberty Ave and Alabama Ave where Bruins Transportation was located at the time, roughly an hour's drive away.

Phone records determined that Leanne called Barry a couple of times a week and that she called both Barry and her boyfriend Matthew the day before she was last seen. Matthew said they got into an argument and he hung up on Leanne while Barry denied ever speaking with her on the phone.

When Alan contacted Bruins Transporation, he was informed that Barry took off for Arizona. Barry admitted he knew Leanne but denied meeting with her on March 18, 1999. He was engaged to a teen girl named Laticia at the time, whom he later married. Both were interviewed and Laticia claimed it was she who got a ride to Bruins Transportation, not Leanne, however, she didn't live in Leanne's neighborhood near Strictly Car Services, which Leanne called the morning she was last seen.

Leanne took a black purse with her but left all of her other personal belongings behind including some cash she had hidden in her room and it's unclear how she paid for the ride to Bruins Transporation. It is theorized that the person Leanne was meeting paid for it, however, this has not been confirmed.

Leanne Hausberg was last seen wearing a red and black jacket, a blue t-shirt, jeans, and blue Timberland boots. She is half Native American and half White. Today, she would be 38 years old.

If you have any information, contact New York PD at 212-473-2042.

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