In 2013, a mom of 3 in a secret affair with an older married man went to a family gathering. She hasn't been seen since.

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27-year-old mom of three Ashley Morris Mullis lived in Royerton, Indiana. By 2012, she was separated from her husband, and he was granted custody of their two sons, ages 1 and 3. He filed for divorce before Ashley went missing and it was finalized five months after she was last seen.

While at a car garage, Ashley met Daniel York Sr. who was 62 at the time. He was also married with two adult daughters. Ashley rented a home from Daniel and they began an affair. In late 2012, Ashley fell pregnant with Daniel's child, who she named Abby. Daniel's wife did not know about the affair or their child, however, Ashley was preparing to tell her everything when she suddenly vanished.

In September 2013, Ashley's ex-husband contacted her parents, Don and Leandra, to let them know he couldn't get in contact with her for a week. The Mullises called Ashley several times and even went to her home, but there was no answer. Eventually, they left a note on her door, asking her to call them, but no call ever came. When Ashley's parents came back a few days later, the note was gone.

Don reached out to Daniel who told him that Ashley signed over her parental rights to Daniel and his wife in exchange for $15,000, and took off. Abby was found with the Yorks and Daniel was also driving Ashley's van. Daniel claimed that he had no idea where Ashley was.
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Ashley was reported missing on October 10, 2013. She was last seen at a family gathering on September 19 with Abby, who was only a few months old. Her phone was never used after that day.

On October 13, at 1:30 am, a white truck was seen loading property from Ashley's home; the license plate traced back to Daniel's wife. By the time investigators went to the home on November 15, all of her belongings were already gone. Daniel quickly hired an attorney and refused to cooperate.

Daniel was named the prime suspect in Ashley's case as well as the unrelated case of 22-year-old Heather Musick. He succumbed to liver cancer in 2015. His wife adopted Abby and moved to Florida. Their former home in Yorktown, Indiana was searched with scent-sniffing dogs, to no avail.
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Ashley has the tattoo "Ashton" on her left arm and a butterfly on her right leg. She may have been wearing a ruby ring, a cross necklace, and a gold half-heart "BFF" necklace. Today, she would be 36.

If you have any information, contact Delaware County Sheriff's Office at 765-747-7781.

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