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In 1994, a 7 month pregnant woman took her dog and went to her ex-husband's house. They haven't been seen since.

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38-year-old Sandra Cervone-Sollie lived in Macedon, New York. She divorced her ex-husband, Ralph Sollie Jr., in her early 30s, and lived in an apartment with her pet poodle, Jessie. In 1994, Sandra was on medical leave for a TBI sustained at her workplace, Kodak, and she struggled with headaches.

All her life, Sandra had wanted to be a mother, so when she discovered she was pregnant in the fall of 1993, she was overjoyed. Loved ones said her attitude changed drastically for the better. Sandra was excited to meet her baby boy, who she planned to name Brandon Michael, and she was even planning a baby shower with her older sister, Donna. Unfortunately, Sandra would never make it.

In late May 1994, Donna called Sandra to finalize plans for the baby shower but there was no answer. She went to her apartment and knocked on the door, but no one ever came. Assuming she was just busy, Donna didn't think too much of it. However, as the days went by, no one heard from Sandra and she even missed a doctor's appointment, one that she had specifically written down on her calendar.

It wasn't until June 5, 1994, that Sandra's landlord called the authorities and requested a welfare check, claiming she hadn't paid her rent, which was unusual. Officers made their way inside her apartment and found everything in order including a dog bowl full of food, however, Sandra and Jessie were nowhere to be found. Her keys were in the apartment but her purse was missing.

Sandra was never seen again. She was 7 months pregnant.

It was determined that Sandra was last seen on May 24 when she left her home to run errands at Ames Plaza in Macedon, now called West Wayne Plaza. That morning, she called her ex-husband, Ralph, and told him that something was wrong with her car. Since the title was in his name, Ralph was still paying for the vehicle. He admitted that Sandra went to his home on Wiedrick road in Macedon, a somewhat rural area surrounded by farms, creeks, and a pond, to get help for her car that afternoon, but conveniently left out the fact that they had an argument on the phone that day.

According to Sandra's sister, Donna, the former couple argued about money and the car itself. Donna also reported that Sandra told her she was having an affair with Ralph, who was already married to someone else, and that he was the father of her unborn baby boy. Ralph's new wife also gave birth to his baby just five days before Sandra seemingly vanished into thin air.

A passerby discovered Sandra's purse and Jessie's leash, collar, and tags in a dumpster behind a car wash in Penfield, New York. A 9-year-old boy found Sandra's wallet and gave it to his parents. Instead of turning it in to the authorities, they gave it to a friend who, along with several others, charged up to $1,100 on Sandra's credit card. All of these people were cooperative and ruled out.

It was determined that Sandra must have gone to meet with someone she knew because Jessie did not like strangers and would lash out near them. Ralph was reportedly the last person to see Sandra, and he refused to take a polygraph test or let investigators search his home. It wasn't until after Ralph sold the property in 2016 that they were able to search it thanks to the new owners, who gave them permission. Erie Canal was also searched, however, nothing of relevance was ever found.

Ralph Sollie Jr. succumbed to cancer in 2021.

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Nearly 29 years later, the search for Sandra Sollie and her unborn baby continues. She was 5'5" and 140 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. Today, Sandra would be 67 years old.

If you have any information, contact New York SP at 585-398-4126.

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