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In 1999, an 11-year-old girl stood on the corner and waited for the ice cream truck. She hasn't been seen since.

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Mikelle Biggs lived in Mesa, Arizona, with her parents, and three siblings. The 11-year-old was an honor student. She loved to sketch and dreamed of working for Disney as an animator.

On January 2, 1999, at 5:50 pm, Mikelle and her 9-year-old sister, Kimber thought that they heard the sound of an ice cream truck. They excitedly ran up to their mother Tracy who gave the girls $0.50 and told them to hurry back. Tragically, only one of her daughters would return home.
The corner of Toltec and El Moro where Mikelle was abductedPeople

The girls took Kimber’s brand new pink and white bicycle and raced down the street to the corner of their seemingly safe suburban neighborhood. Soon, they began to argue over the bike. Kimber angrily stomped off and went home, leaving Mikelle alone on the corner of Toltec and El Moro.

When Kimber walked in the door, Tracy told her to fetch Mikelle and set the table for dinner. Kimber returned to the corner but all she found was her bicycle pushed over on the ground  —  a tire was still spinning. Next to the bike were two quarters. Mikelle was nowhere to be found.

Terrified, Kimber ran home and told her mother that Mikelle was gone. Tracy called her husband Darien at work. After searching the neighborhood, the couple frantically dialed 911 and reported Mikelle missing.
Darien and Tracy Biggs with their three childrenThe Cinemaholic

Darien became the prime suspect in the case when he failed a polygraph test regarding his whereabouts at the time Mikelle vanished. As it turned out, Darien was hiding a secret — but it wasn’t what the authorities thought. Though he claimed to be at work, he was actually having an affair.

Infuriated, Darien flipped over a table in the interrogation room. Kimber later said her father was like an “angry zombie.” Although he was ultimately ruled out as a suspect, the damage was already done. The Biggs soon divorced.

On the 5th anniversary of Mikelle’s disappearance, her loved ones held a wake with an empty casket in an effort to feel some semblance of closure. For years, Kimber lived in agony with survivor’s guilt.

“I convinced myself it was my fault, and if I hadn’t left her there it wouldn’t have happened. I actually remember crying myself to sleep and thinking that...she [Tracy] told me ‘if you had stayed out there, it could have been both of you, or it could have been you instead of her.’ She made it clear that it was the person’s fault who took her, and no one else’s.”—Kimber Biggs

The case soon went cold and nearly two decades passed by. Though there were multiple suspects, no one was ever definitively tied to the case.
The bill in questionNY Post

It wasn’t until March of 2018 that an eerie message scrawled on a $1 dollar bill reignited the investigation. It was used to buy girl scout cookies in Neenah, Wisconsin, and read: “My name is Mikel Biggs kidnapped From Mesa AZ I’m Alive.”

For a brief moment, loved ones felt a glimmer of hope that Mikelle was alive. However, the authorities questioned whether she actually wrote the message as her name was misspelled. Since the bill had been printed in 2009, it was impossible to determine everyone who had handled it over the years. Sadly, investigators concluded it was likely nothing more than a cruel hoax.
Kimber Biggs holding up a photo of MikelleYahoo

More than 22 years later, the case remains unsolved. To this day, Kimber, now 32 and a mother, is holding out hope that her sister will be found.

“Her life was important. She touched many lives. I never want to think of her and automatically think that she is gone. I want to think of her and remember what an influence she was on me. I am who I am today because of Mikelle.” — Kimber Biggs
Age progression photos of Mikelle BiggsDaily Courier

Mikelle was last seen wearing a red t-shirt with "Lindbergh” printed on the front, bell-bottom jeans, and white shoes. Today, she would be 34 years old. If you have any information, contact Mesa Police Department at (480)-644-2211.

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