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20 years ago, a loving mom vanished from her home during a bitter divorce battle. Where is Lian-Fong Feng?

Fatim Hemraj

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On July 19, 2002, Jena Liang arrived at the Queens, New York apartment of her mother, 52-year-old Lian-Fong Feng. She was nowhere to be found and it was obvious someone had attempted to clean up evidence of a crime. Jena frantically called the police and reported her mother missing.

20 years later, Lian-Fong Feng's whereabouts remain a mystery.

Born in China, Lian-Fong lived in the United States for 18 years. At the time of her disappearance, she was embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with Jena's stepfather, Roger Hui, who still lived with her in the apartment. Jena lived in the apartment below her mother and stepfather.

In 2008, Roger attempted to have Lian declared legally dead in an effort to cash in on her $1 million insurance policy. Jena believes that he is responsible for her mother's disappearance and that the motive was money. According to her, Lian was a recluse homebody who didn't go out or speak English.

Lian-Fong's passport and wallet were left behind and she never again accessed the bank account that she shared with her daughter. She was last seen wearing a white and pink nightgown, a gold necklace, and possibly a gold wedding ring. Lian-Fong is 5'1" and 110lbs with black hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information regarding Lian-Fong Feng's disappearance and/or whereabouts, please contact the New York Police Department Missing Persons Unit at 212-694-7782. Reference agency case number #KNMP03921 or Namus file #MP1285. Help Jena Liang find closure, once and for all.

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