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28 years ago, a teen vanished from a doctor's office on mother's day weekend. Where is Cleashindra Hall?

Fatim Hemraj
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According to Find Cleashindra, Clea Hall lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas with her parents and two younger brothers. An honour student and valedictorian of her class, she had just turned 18 and was only two weeks away from graduation. Sadly, Clea wouldn’t make it across the stage.

Described as a bright bookworm who adored children, the aspiring pediatrician already had an internship lined up in Boston and had been accepted into Tennessee State University as a pre-med student. In order to save up money before she took off, Clea worked at the home office of Dr. Larry Amos, a married father who ran a non-profit charity that supported in-home daycare centers.
the house where Clea was last seenGoogle Maps, 2014

On May 9, 1994, at 5 pm, Laurell Hall dropped Clea off at work for her 3-hour shift, unaware that she would never see her daughter again. According to Laurell, Clea always called her parents for a ride home since she wasn’t allowed to walk alone at night and this day was no different. Clea called home at 8 pm. She told her mother she wasn’t quite done and told her to expect another call at 8:30.

While waiting for the call that never came, Laurell fell asleep on the couch. At 12:45 am, her husband, Willie returned home from work and woke her up. It was at that moment panic began to set in and the Halls realized that their daughter never made it home.

Frantic, they called Dr. Amos who claimed that Clea left at 8:30 pm. According to the Evidence Locker podcast, he said she got into a car that he assumed was her mother's.

Laurell and Willie hoped for the best, thinking that perhaps Clea had gone out with friends. They stayed up all night but by morning her bed was still cold and she didn’t show up for school.

Laurell called the police to report her daughter missing but the dispatcher refused to open a file since Clea was 18 and technically an adult. Since they were told to wait 24 hours, the Halls called again at 5 pm but they were dismayed to find that the authorities refused to take her disappearance seriously. Instead, they treated her as though she was a typical teenage runaway.

But Clea’s parents, teachers and friends were adamant that she wouldn’t have taken off. She left her clothing, purse and identification behind and she was only two weeks away from graduation, free to do as she pleased. She wasn’t a troubled child, never skipped school and always kept in contact.

The day after Clea’s disappearance, her boss left the state on an alleged business trip and returned three days later. When questioned by the authorities, he claimed he didn't know Clea had left until he heard the garage door close. Later, he gave a different account, stating that he watched Clea look out the window for her ride and watched her leave with a peach popsicle in her hand.
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According to a 2014 interview with Laurell Hall, Dr. Amos was seen tearing down Clea’s missing flyers and several neighbourhood children reported that he paid them to do the same. Two weeks later, the authorities searched his home but found no signs of a struggle.

“I don’t understand why police just could not search the home immediately to make sure that there was no sign of a struggle there. Maybe they would have found her press-on nails or hair extensions there, who knows. But, there’s no way to really know because they waited such a long time to search.” — Laurell Hall

In 2012, the authorities obtained a search warrant for Dr. Amos' home after two tips came in. According to KATV, scent-sniffing dogs led them to the backyard but no forensic evidence was found.
An age-progression photo of Cleashindra “Clea” Denise HallNational Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Clea’s disappearance remains unsolved 28 years later. According to The Charley Project, she was 5'8" and 120lbs with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a white blouse with navy blue stripes and matching white shorts with navy blue polka dots, white sneakers and a white bow in her hair. She has a chipped front tooth and a surgical scar on her left knee.

If you have any information, please contact Pine Bluff Police Department at 870-543-5111.

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