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Teen Accused of Killing Best Friend’s Mom With Bat All Because He Wouldn’t Let Him Smoke in His Car

Fatim Hemraj
Hester Workman.The Topeka Capital-Journal

46-year-old Hester Workman lived in Topeka, Kansas where she worked as a legal support supervisor with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. She had two children, 16-year-old Dillon Jay who lived with her and 13-year-old Sidney who lived with their father, David.

On April 24, 2021, at 7:13 pm, Dillon felt a bump while pulling into the driveway of his home after work. When he got out to check what he had hit, Dillon found his mother lying on the floor of the garage with a trail of blood next to her.

Panicked, Dillon frantically called the police and reported he may have accidentally run over his mother, but when investigators arrived they found that Hester had not been hit with a car — she had been hit in the head several times with a blunt object. Her cause of death was determined to be a homicide.

The next day, a grieving Dillon invited his best friend, 16-year-old Amadeus Ballou-Meyer, over to his home to comfort him. Amadeus consoled Dillon and told him he couldn’t possibly imagine what it would be like to lose a parent.

After spending the day with Amadeus, Dillon went to view his neighbor's surveillance footage and saw a male figure running away from his home holding a baseball bat. Dillon immediately recognized the figure as his very best friend Amadeus, who had just hugged him hours earlier and would spent at least 3 days a week at his home.

Two days later, Amadeus was arrested at his grandmother’s home. When officers tried to detain him, Amadeus attempted to jump off a second-floor balcony.

Amadeus has been charged with a slew of offences including first-degree murder and aggravated battery.
Amadeus Ballou-Meyer.Facebook

At first, Amadeus told the police he snuck up behind Hester in the garage as a harmless prank he thought would be funny. Spooked, she accidentally fell backwards and hit her head on metal rail. Wanting to put Hester out of her misery, Amadeus claimed he hit her over the head with a baseball bat twice, ran off and threw it in a nearby creek.

Amadeus later changed his story and reportedly dmitted he targeted his best friend’s mother simply because he was mad at Dillon for not letting him smoke in his car.

Amadeus is currently being held in a juvenile detention center. He is also facing charges of sexual exploitation against a child from a June 2019 incident. He allegedly had videos of his underage relative getting dressed on his phone. The videos were found by the child’s mother who called the police.

Prosecutors are hoping to charge Amadeus as an adult in both cases.

Amadeus has been in the custody of the state and has been in and out of psychological treatment for the last decade. He failed to show up to a scheduled meeting with his case worker last month.

A court hearing is set for September 16, 2021. You can donate to a Go Fund Me here.

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