Teen Says Classic Slasher Film ‘Halloween’ Inspired Him to Murder His Mom and Sister

Fatim Hemraj

From left to right: Jamie, Jake & Mallory Evans. Source: The Art of Killing

While watching it I was amazed at how at ease the boy was during the murders and how little remorse he had afterward. I was thinking to myself it would be the same for me when I kill someone.

This is what seventeen-year-old Jake Evans wrote in his confession after he murdered his own sister and mother in cold blood.

Jake enjoyed a nice night in watching the classic slasher film ‘Halloween’ with his mother and sister. He watched it another two times that week alone. It was then he decided to recreate the events of the film by murdering his own mother and sister in cold blood.

On a cold October evening, Jake began pacing back and forth in his room. After twenty minutes, he built his courage and knocked on his fifteen-year-old sister Mallory’s door. When she opened the door she was stunned to find a gun pointed at her face, by her own brother.

At first, Mallory thought her brother was joking, but when he didn’t put the gun away she told him he was scaring her. He shot her once in the back and once in the head. Next, he ran down the hall and shot his mother Jamie in the study three times.

Jake was emptying the shells on his bed when he heard an odd gurgling sound from the hallway. It was his sister, barely clinging on for life. He reloaded the shotgun he had stolen from his grandparents and shot his sister for the last time.

He then decided to shoot his mother once more, ‘just in case.’

Next on his itinerary was to go to his grandparents’ house and shoot them along with his two older sisters, when suddenly he realized killing wasn’t for him.

I know now that I’m done with killing. It’s the most dreadful and terrifying thing I will ever experience and, it will haunt me forever."

Jake ran into a room and screamed as loud as he could. He could not believe what he had just done. He could not believe he would never see his mother or sister again.

He placed the gun on the counter in the kitchen and called 911. He immediately confessed to authorities. He was arrested and charged with murder.

In his confession, Jake wrote that his sister and his mother had become the people he had hated the most in the world, racist evil bullies. He spoke of how cruel teenagers can be and the bullying he had endured. He wrote when he felt guilty for the pain he would cause Mallory, he would remember all the ways she had hurt his feelings. He said had chosen the shotgun over a knife to spare his mother and sister of pain.

Jake was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

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