Researchers have finally discovered a potential treatment option to cure cancers within days

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In a recent study, researchers discovered a unique cancer treatment option that has completely wiped out advanced-stage cancers of the ovary and colorectal in less than a week. Though the research has been tried and successful only in animal samples, scientists aim to hold human clinical trials of the same experiment in less than a week.

In a recent study published in ‘Science Advances’, the researchers employed small ‘drug factory’ beads inserted inside the body to continuously deliver enormous amounts of interleukin-2 (IL-2) (biomolecule that works against tumours). The scientists recorded that these drug-producing molecules kept administrating small doses within the body until the tumours were utterly wiped out. The researchers observed that tumours were entirely wiped out among animals with ovarian cancer, while among the mice with colorectal cancers, all except one were wholly cured of tumours.

The beads were composed of hydrogel covering the outer cell that protects the cytokine-producing cells from the attack by the immune system. Therefore, the immune system does not view them as ‘threats’ and does not target these beads. The researchers placed the beads inside the peritoneum, near the intestines and close to organs in the abdomen. This way, the drugs can easily target the tumours without affecting the body critically. Though the copious amount of drug administered within the body could have a deleterious effect on the non-tumour cells, the drug specifically acted against cancers.

This ‘drug factory’ has been viewed as safe to use in clinical trials and is not invasive. Thus, with further research, researchers also aim to use these beads in human clinical trials.

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