Researchers have developed a material that can transform sewage water into safe drinking water within minutes

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If there is one technology that the world needs now, it is the one that can convert salty seawater into pure and drinkable water in a matter of minutes. If the scientific community can achieve that, the water crisis will no longer be a major global concern. It will completely change the lives of the people in underdeveloped areas. Researchers have been working on this principle for a long time, and thankfully they have finally found a solution to this dilemma.

In a recent study published in the journal ‘Nature Sustainability’, a group of Australian scientists have developed a water purification technique based on metal-organic framework compounds, which in the presence of sunlight helps purify water in less than fifteen minutes. Apart from being inexpensive, the method is reusable and has the potential to give water that meets the desalination criteria set by the World Health Organization.

With this method, over 140 litres of pure water can be produced within a day using over 2 pounds of metal-organic framework compound, the PSP-MIL-53. The researchers recorded that, in the presence of sunlight, the compounds remove all salt ions present within the water and the water because reusable and drinkable again. With this new finding, more exciting researches are on the way to help improve water desalination.

Metal-organic frameworks are very porous materials and, therefore, can be adjusted into pipelines and similar systems to give pure and clean drinkable water. This will thus help address the water shortage and global water issues. Furthermore, scientists are confident that this water purification method will pose little to no risk to human health and be environmentally friendly.

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