NASA calls for a discussion on what would happen after we discover life in space

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Though researchers have not discovered any confirmation regarding the existence of life outside our planet, it does not mean there is no life present elsewhere in space. This is why scientists are worried about what would happen when life forms would finally discovered outside of the Earth. Many ongoing scientific pieces of research are looking for concrete proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Therefore, NASA says, we have to be ready for what would happen after researchers finally find evidence for the existence of life forms apart from our planet.

In a recent scientific commentary by James Green, the chief scientist of NASA, the scientists argued why humankind has to be ready for such a scenario. The researchers stress that with the discovery of extraterrestrial life forms, our responsibility is to understand and accept such life forms.

Researchers believe that even though we have not discovered any concrete evidence related to life forms yet, with further advances in scientific technologies, the chances of finding extraterrestrial life forms will increase in the coming years. For instance, NASA has developed the technology readiness level scale that it uses to measure the advancements in spaceflight gadgets.

According to NASA, a ‘confidence of life detection scale’ can be used such that the lower end of the scale focuses on the primary identification of life forms, while the higher end of the scale would show the specific analysis of the life form detected. With such comprehensive measurement and detection systems, the scientific community will be able to categorize future discoveries in a standardized context.

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