Researchers confirm that a woman who has HIV was cleared from the virus without any treatment

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An Argentinian woman, called the ‘Esperanza patient’, became the second known woman who cleared any traces of HIV in her body despite not being given any stem cell transplant or any other relevant treatment. Since she was first diagnosed with the infection, she had undergone ten viral load tests in eight years. Finally, no trace of any virus related to HIV was detected inside her body.

Previously, two other patients had shown shocking results in their history: the Berlin patient and the London patient. However, unlike the recent case, these patients cleared the virus post stem cell treatment.

On the contrary, Esperanza’s patient took no medication except between 2019 and 2020 when she was pregnant and took antiretroviral drugs. Then, after she delivered a healthy baby who was HIV negative, she quit the medications. Soon after, upon repeated tests, her body showed no signs of the virus.

Since these cases where the virus cleared out on their own, researchers have been actively studying their cases and how they were able to overcome the virus naturally. So far, scientists have figured out that very few people possess unique ‘elite controllers’ that can control the virus without using any medications.

Scientists believe that elite controllers like the Esperanza patient also demonstrate the signs of the existence of a virus inside the body. However, the doctors have to perform multiple tests in such cases to confirm the presence or absence of the virus.

Regardless, researchers are excited about obtaining a virus-free state without taking any medicines or treatment strategies. With further work in this field, scientists believe they will be able to further the HIV study and research field.

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