Chinese researchers confirmed that they received signals from the outer space

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Chinese scientists have claimed that they received signals from a faraway alien civilization through their giant ‘Sky Eye’ telescope. According to a report published by the official Chinese newspaper, ‘Science and Technology Daily’ by the Ministry of Science and Technology, researchers from Beijing University have found multiple technological traces from the civilization that are present far away from our planet.

The Chinese telescope, the 500-meter ‘Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope’ that detected the strange signals, are known to be the world’s largest radio telescope. It was first set in 2019 to capture and detect any signs of radio signals from distant planets that held any signs of extraterrestrial life. Up until this year, three instances of strange narrow band radio signals have been detected and recorded by this Sky Eye telescope.

According to the researchers, these radio waves detected are only employed by aircraft or satellites and thus could have possibly been created using alien technology. However, the researchers added that no conclusive results could be claimed until they entirely analyze and investigate the signals. Also, scientists have stressed that there is also a chance that the strange signals received could be because of radio interference and therefore have to be further studied to either consider or rule out the possibility.

However, the Chinese scientists are adamant about ruling out the possibility of radio interference because, previously, several attempts at finding the alien species on other planets have been squashed due to this reason. Instead, it was later discovered that the narrow band radio wave signals were detected because of interference with human-made objects in space.

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