Study: We will now be able to undertake Interstellar-like travel without using spaceships

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Researchers have predicted that in five billion years, the Sun may move away from the main sequence to become a red giant structure and swallow the nearby planets: Mercury, Venus and Earth. Will our future generations be able to survive the Sun? If not, then how will we migrate to another galaxy?

According to the Universe Today, if we were to travel to a nearby galaxy and find refuge from the impending doom, it would not be that easy. If we travelled at the speed of light, it would still take us a minimum of four years to reach the closest galaxy, the Alpha Centauri system.

However, a recent study published in the journal International Journal of Astrobiology offers some hope for space travel. As per the researchers, travelling in space would no longer need bulky spaceships. Instead, extraterrestrial civilizations could use free-floating planets already present in space. Also called the rogue planets, the scientists describe them as having a hospitable environment and necessary resources for survival. Also, these planets have been shown to have water bodies and other sustenance essentials so that living beings can survive on them for a limited period.

With the help of these rogue planets, extraterrestrial species can invade and colonize other planets. Scientists predict that such a thing may have already happened in the past or may be happening at the moment. With the help of these rogue planets, living beings will not need any spaceship to travel in outer space. However, researchers are still unsure of the number of rogue planets in the galaxy. Still, they believe that the Vera Rubin Observatory may be able to produce some concrete results by 2023.

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