Scientists have predicted how the solar system is going to come to an end

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The planet we live in and so lovingly call our home is destined to end one day. Researchers have been curious about the impending doom of the solar system for some time now. Astrophysicists since the past century have been working to predict how much more life is left in the solar system and how will it all end.

Scientists believe that before its death, the Sun will give away all the heat to become a cold and white dwarf-like structure within a thousand trillion years. However, this will happen after all the planets have already disintegrated.

According to a recent study published in The Astronomical Journal, within a hundred billion years, the planets will move away from their respective orbits and be scattered across the galaxy, leaving the weakening Sun alone. Previously, in 1999, scientists had predicted that the solar system would remain intact for the next quintillion years at least. However, this no longer seems to be the case.

A study by Zink and colleagues predicted how the solar system would end. The researchers predicted that in over five billion years, the Sun would expand into a red giant mass and swallow the nearby planets, that is, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. After that, it will blow away half its mass into space leaving behind a small structure that will be roughly less than 55% of the current mass of the Sun.

Because there will be no Sun in the solar system and therefore no gravitational pull, the remaining planets, including Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, will move away from the orbit. Ultimately, in 100 billion years, there will be no solar system.

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