A recent study confirms that tallness is associated with multiple diseases

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Tall people have an undeniable advantage over shorter ones: they can spot people quickly in a massive gathering. Most often, people are envious of others because of how tall they are, how long legs they have, and other perks that come with being tall. However, few people know that tallness also comes with adverse effects, like multiple diseases, as per a recent study.

Recent research shows that tall people are more vulnerable to several illnesses like cancers and extreme conditions like ruptured aortas and pulmonary embolisms. In a massive study involving over 280,000 US adults, researchers discovered that height is associated with several diseases, including varicose veins, peripheral nerve damage, lower extremity ulcers and severe cases of venous insufficiency.

However, scientists are still unsure as to why tall people, in particular, are at more risk. In the study, the researchers used the relating genes method with known genes for the occurrence of a disease. This way, the team studied thousands of genetic variations that affect someone’s height and investigated their association with a given illness – making this study one of the largest of its kind.

This study is not the only one that claims taller being at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases like coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillations, and skin and bone infections.

Further research needs to be done to understand the underlying reasons for this association between the person’s height and the increased chances of developing multiple illnesses. Also, increasing the sample size to include people from other ancestries would give a bigger picture of how tallness genes affect the body.

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