Scientists record killer whales that kill blue whales and feed on their tongues

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Recently, researchers have recorded a new detail about killer whales. Also known as orcas, killer whales also hunt the largest mammals on the planet – the blue whales.

As per a recent study published in the journal Marine Mammal Science, scientists mentioned whether or not killer whales and blue whales had been debated for a long in the scientific community.

This debate was brought to an end now after spotting packs of orcas hunting blue whales near the Western Australian coast. This has been spotted on three different occasions by marine researchers from the Cetacean Research Center. The scientists further added that the orcas would move inside the mouths of the blue whales to feed on their tongues before killing them off ultimately.

Scientists came to this conclusion when they came across the remains from the first such killing of the blue whale. The seventy-two-foot long blue whale missed large sections from its body, including the skin, parts of blubber, and dorsal fins that seemed to be munched off. The researchers further added that as many as fifty orcas joined in feeding on the blue whale.

A similar attack happened a few weeks later when a pack of twenty-five orcas attacked a young, forty-foot whale. The third attack mentioned in the study also mentioned similar observations, where the pack of orcas fed on the tongue of the blue whale.

The researchers of the study further mentioned that the female orcas were observed to be the most aggressive among the pack. As per the study, their drive to hunt down large animals could stem from their need to feed and protect their offspring.

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