Do not take the booster shot immediately after an omicron infection

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Since the start of this year, the number of omicron cases has steadily increased. It has even managed to infect people who have completed both their vaccine shots. Because of this, a third vaccine or the booster dose came into the picture, which will help prevent any potential omicron infection. But what about the people who have already gotten the omicron infection? Should they, too, get the booster jab?

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has answered this question, according to which, you should get the booster dose even if you have undergone the omicron infection. However, it would help if you waited for a few weeks before taking this third dose.

Suppose you have not received the booster dose and were infected with the omicron variant or perhaps are in the recovery stage. As per the CDC guidelines, you must wait until none of the symptoms of the infection remains and is no longer isolated. In many cases, an infected individual may not show any signs or symptoms of the omicron infection. Under such circumstances, they can get the booster jab after completing their isolation period. These precautions must be taken to avoid burdening your immune system.

Upon being vaccinated, the immune system gears itself and immediately responds to the vaccine. This is why sometimes a few people might experience fever symptoms post-vaccination. In addition, getting a vaccine dose despite being infected might overwhelm the immune system that is busy fighting the virus already present in the body. Therefore, to elicit the most effective immune response against the vaccine shot, it is better to get the third dose after completely recovering from the infection. With the booster dose, the immune system will get better at fighting against the different strains of the coronavirus.

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