Study: The New ‘Earth Black Box’ Will Record Our Planet’s Impending Doom

Fareeha Arshad
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The thing about flights is that they are very well recorded. Every movement within the aircraft is documented in minute detail and stored within a small device stored in the plane's tail. It is this tiny black box that any rescue team hunts soon after a crash – because it tells the entire tale of the disaster: how it happened and what went wrong.

Now, even our beloved planet is going to get a black box of its own.

Researchers from the University of Tasmania and the Glue Society are working towards a joint project that aims to provide the earth with a 'black box so that every minute detail of the planet's demise can be monitored closely and recorded for future generations to take lessons from. This 'Earth Black Box' is project is expected to complete by next year. The scientists aim to leave behind a trail for future generations to understand how their previous civilization crashed.

The school bus-sized Earth Black Box will be powered by solar energy and protected by three-inch steel to withstand any harm inflicted on it. It will be located in Tasmania and will hold several hard drives that will record and store any or all climate-related data. It will also store ocean acidification, land usage, military information, and data related to energy consumption and human population.

However, how this black box will benefit future generations in the post-apocalyptic world is still unclear. Yet, the data available in the Earth Black Box will be freely available for everybody at all times. Furthermore, with the ongoing changes recorded in the climate all across the world – the rising temperatures, melting of snow caps, lack of fresh water, and extinction of several species, this Black Box also aims to provide hope: hope not only for the future generations but also for us to take the right step to stay clear from the impending disaster the planet has to face. This way, we can work together to try and save the earth from its unfair demise.

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