Australian Prime Minister lied says the French President

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According to French President Emmanuel Macron, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison lied to him about a submarine building contract that was cancelled in September. He further hinted that there is a long road for rebuilding trust between the two countries.

Australia called off the multibillion-dollar submarine deal with France in September after forming a new alliance with Britain and the U.S. called the AUKUS. This alliance allowed Australia to access nuclear-powered submarines. However, when France received the news of this new alliance, they felt betrayed. France asked their ambassadors in Washington and Canberra to return. After signing the new deal, Morrison met Macron for the first time during the G20 summit.

When Macron was asked if he thought the Australian Prime Minister had lied, he answered, “I don’t think, I know.”

To this, Morrison explained at the media conference in Rome. He said that he had not lied and had already explained to the French President that Australia would no longer need conventional submarines. He further added that Macron was notified of their final decision and was kept updated with their interests. Morrison confirmed that the newly signed deal with the US and UK that provided Australia with a minimum of eight nuclear-propelled submarines was more preferred compared to the previous deal with France from 2016. According to him, the Australian government secured a deal like the AUKUS for the first time in fifty years – a feat no previous government was able to do for a long time.

When asked about this recent event between Australia and France, US President Joe Biden commented that the handling of the new security agreement by Australia was rather ‘clumsy’.

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