Where Did Agatha Christie Go? Did Christie create a mystery that only she could solve?

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In the winter of 1926, the infamous writer and author Agatha Christie disappeared from her house for eleven long days — leaving no trace behind. Naturally, this caused a ruckus among the people and media of Berkshire. Her sudden vanishing was followed by an extensive search with thousands of police officers on land and forces in the air. Crime writers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy L. Sayers were involved, and so was the British government — all guessing answers to the question: where did Christie go?

The sudden disappearance of Agatha Christie

Greenway, former home of Agatha ChristieFlickr

After an ordinary day on the 3rd of December in 1926, Christie bid her seven-year-old daughter Rosalind goodnight and got out of the home. The English writer drove off from her home in Berkshire and wasn’t spotted for the next eleven days. However, during the manhunt, her deserted Morris Cowley was spotted near Guildford, but Christie was nowhere to be seen.

As the days passed, bizarre theories and speculations started popping up. A few suggested that the writer could have drowned herself in the natural spring near her abandoned car. At the same time, others speculated that her sudden disappearance was to attract more audiences to promote her works. Some of the theories hinted at Christie’s murder and the possible involvement for her husband, Archie Christie.

However, none of these speculations proved to be convincing enough. Soon the world knew about Christie’s disappearance, and not a clue was to be found.

When Christie was finally found

On the eleventh day of her disappearance, Agatha was finally found at a hotel in Harrogate — yet she remembered nothing of how she ended up there. Her inability to recall the actual event created more mystery to the whole incident.

The police finally concluded that Christie was heading towards London when her car crashed. She took a train and headed towards Harrogate and checked at the Old Swan Hotel under the name of her husband’s mistress Theresa Neele. She lived a normal life there and attended parties as though nothing bizarre had happened in her life. Finally, one of the hotel workers, Bob Tappin, recognized her and immediately informed the police.

The aftermath

After Agatha Christie returned home, she never mentioned anything about her vanishing stunt. Instead, the police and her husband covered up the incident saying that she suffered from memory loss after the car crash, so she could not recall the event.

After Christie finally recovered, she continued to give the world new mysterious stories. The only mystery that she didn’t reveal to the world was about the time when she had gone missing: there had to be a mystery that only she could solve.


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