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Big Trout. Can They be Consistently Caught? The Answer Is So Simple It’s Almost LIke a Trout Fishing Cheat Code.

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A big Wild brown trout I caught using a jerk bait in western PennsylvaniaFaeshenfoarfesh

Do you ever wonder why some anglers consistently catch big trout while others, well, they don’t? I’m here to tell you that it’s not just luck and there is a way to continue to land the type of trout that makes the whole trip worthwhile. In fact, l I have found one extraordinarily effective method you may have overlooked! 

There’s no denying that trout love to munch on little insects as they flow directly by their face. Fly fishermen try to imitate this occurrence by tying nymphs and bug patterns of all sorts. Under certain scenarios the results from this method can be as good as anything else, and there are few feelings greater than being as involved with nature by matching exactly what the fish are feeding on. Though fly fishing with nymphs is undeniably very effective and fun, is it the best way to catch big trout consistently? In the end, it can just come down to the number of fish in the location and the fishing pressure a body of water receives. Overall,  there is another method that personally has outshined most methods of fly fishing that’s not as completely dependent on just the right conditions. 

Many would act surprised, or maybe even a bit frustrated, to hear that the most effective style of trout fishing is with the use of a spinning reel. Many fly fishing purists would laugh at the thought of using a spinning reel. Luckily for these purists, this method of fishing can be closely replicated with a fly rod, if you desire.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. The method of fishing for trout that I have found the most success with is a jerk bait. The reason this method is so effective is due to the amount of water you can cover and the fish you can introduce your lure to in a short period. Plus, there’s no doubt that large trout are very carnivorous and would love an easy chunk of meat. This is why streamer fishing with a fly rod is also an excellent option. Just like with a jerk bait, with streamers, you are imitating a fleeing baitfish. The only difference I have found between jerk bait and streamer fishing is that with a jerk bait it can be easier to cover more water, and it is generally a much cheaper option. The cons to fishing with a jerk bait include the way the treble hooks can hurt the fish. This can be avoided by replacing the treble hooks with single hooks. Sometimes this can improve your hookup rate along with decreasing the mortality rate of the fish! 

A majority of the big trout I have hooked into was with jerk baits. Many of the individuals you see constantly posting pictures of big trout on social media, use the same methods. It is so productive that I almost consider it a trout fishing cheat code. In the past, I have had friends switch to jerk bait or streamer fishing more often and they have learned how to catch way more big fish with it. There’s no reason why you shouldn't give it a try! Good luck fishing and tight lines!

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