3 Ways Women Can Change Their Relationship with Money

Fab Giovanetti

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Let’s talk money. Finances. Savings. Anybody cringing yet? Oh boy, I have been the same for a long while.

Talking about money can be though, and sometimes embarrassing, especially when you are in your twenties and well, you are not a pro at juggling with the whole financial planning. Let’s make a little test here: if you were asked to show a stranger 3 of your bank statements, how much would you feel conscious about their opinion from one to ten?

If your answer is 5 or above, well, I can tell you there is a solution for your nitty-gritty matter. The solution is taking charge of your money.

How can you do so? Really simply by ‘taking the bull for the horns’, as we like to say down South.

If I have to list three key attitudes that I learned from my long money relationship, it’d probably come down to a few key aspects.

Stop ignoring the problem by escaping from it

Take full responsibility for your choices. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made, rather than blaming yourself every day.

Get to the roots, and learn how to change your mindset and prejudices when it comes to money.

As a little girl, I was quickly put in charge of my own money, which helped me at first at being quite organized and conscious.

Having mixed examples in my family influenced greatly my way of dealing with finances as an adult, and learning to spot the trend is the real strength.

I’m not giving you quick fixes here, I am not preaching something that I cannot really advocate myself.

I just started my money journey, and I have a long way to go, but I would like to share with you some resources that helped me greatly in this process.

It all started with Kate Northrup’s book Money, a Love Story.

The book is step-by-step guidance to live out your own money love story. Even before rolling out practical tips, Kate asks you to face your financial demons (going back to your pocket money up to the first bill) in order to reach your financial freedom.

There’s a lot of homework there my dear friends, but it’s all worth it. Creating a love relationship with your money can look impossible at first. All it needs is a bit of consistency — and some weekly Money Dates.

Yes, I am having dates with my bank account every single week, and yes I know it feels awkward — but it is totally worth it.

In case you are really struggling and on a debt mission, I suggest you to get your daily doses of tips with And then We Saved where owner Anna will share how she paid off close to 24k in debt in only 15 months.

Another book that truly shifted my money mindset, taught me how to attract more money, and own my value for what I offer is Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas.

“You have to decide NOW that you are enough. You are smart enough, pretty enough, clever enough, ready enough. You can be richer starting today, if you’re brave enough to define exactly what you want.” — Denise Duffield Thomas

Celebrate what you have

It’s so easy to think we have a lack of money or avoid looking at our total finances because we think it’s going to be bad and trigger us.

Avoidance is the biggest cause of money blocks and feeling negative towards your finances. All of this is avoidance and not the vibes you want to be putting out to manifest more money.

Get real with your finances and sit down with them, work out how much debt you have, how much your bills will be this month, and how much you currently have in your bank account.

You may even be pleasantly surprised! When we avoid our finances our ego loves to play the victim and convince you it’s all negative and there’s no hope.

Similarly, my friend Emma Mumford, author of the new book Positively Wealthy, once shared with me: “Remember when you feel good with your money and take grounded action like this, new money will manifest to you as your vibration raises and you feel more relaxed surrounding your finances.”

Turn negative into positive

Connecting to abundance and let the right mindset guide you through it. Stop seeing what’s lacking in your life and business, and remind yourself every day of what you have in abundance in your life. Turning the negative and the worrying into something positive and uplifting.

Money gives you the freedom to be, do, and have what you were born on this planet to achieve. It’s not about the STUFF you can buy. It’s about the freedom to create, to contribute, to spend time with loved ones.

The independence of making your own money.

The BOSS feeling of donating a big amount to charity. The safety of knowing your bills are paid easily.

And yeah — stuff is nice too! But that’s just the cherry on top.

If you have been struggling with finding the confidence and develop the money mindset, it’s time to step up and embrace yourself as a truly rich (in all areas) woman.

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