Quinault Rain Forest - Rejuvenating and relaxing from a stressful week

We've walked the trails around Lake Quinault a few times over the past several years, and they never fail to awaken my sense of wonder and awe at the majesty and immensity of nature. A great place to start is with the short half-mile nature trail on the South Shore, which takes you through several impressive stands of fir, spruce, cedar, and hemlock trees, across tranquil streams, and through silent forests. If you have, then you can link up the nature trail with several other loop trails of varying lengths and difficulty and explore much more of the forest. Many of the trails start or end at the lodge, so you can fit in a visit during your walks. But mostly a visit to the Quinault area should be spent outside among the trees taking in the clean air and marveling at their lifetimes, their impact on the environment, and how lucky you are to be visiting one of the world's only temperate rainforests, where annual rainfall is measured in feet, not inches. Feel your body rejuvenated and your spirit renewed as you walk among these giants.

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