Americans Looking to Start a Vertical Community in Porto, Portugal

Buying a building in Porto, Portugal and then renovating it?! Yup! That's what we are trying to do. Hey everyone, it's Josh and Kalie from ExpatsEverywhere and we are taking you on our vertical community venture. This series is going to be all about what it's like looking for a property, how to go about renovating it, moving in, furnishing it, and more. Thankfully we aren't doing this alone. We are working with Ana and her team from Savvy Cat Realty to assist us. We also aren't just buying the whole building ourselves. There are a few other families who are in the same position as us and want to know what's really behind the walls of their apartment before they make a purchase. Join us on this real estate adventure from start to finish! Interested in working with Savvy Cat Realty? Please email us at to make an introduction. Need a mortgage? Send us an email at for more info!

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