Step 3 Moving to Portugal from the US

In this vlog, Josh & Kalie are on their daily walk (well, try to be daily walk if the weather allows) and discuss what they have been doing. They didn't need to drive all around town this time because so much was done online. They had to get medical insurance where they compared Insured Nomads and Cigna. They talk about how much money they have to spend on that and when it needs to start for them to get their visas. They also breakdown booking flights and how cheap flights are right now, especially with them being flexible on days and locations. Watch to see how much they ended up spending! Lastly, they touch on things to come, like trying to find accommodations in Portugal and how they are doing that, plus more. For more information, email us at

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We are content creators that focus on the expat life. So what is the expat life? It's a life of exploration and adventure while living life to the fullest and not necessarily living the life of luxury although we don't discourage that either. An "expat" is someone that moves away from their home country to a new place with a temporary or short-term stay in mind. This doesn't mean that they'll return back to their home country, they might just simply move on to the next location to continue their exploration of the world or career advancement. People will find immigration information, get an idea of what it's like living abroad in a wide variety of cities around the world, and also see what day to day life can be like. We're currently in Portugal so a lot of our content is focused on the expat life here in Portugal.

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