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(Maybe) don't book the third floor suite if you stay at this famous Key West resort

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I don’t know about you, but if you close your eyes and think of the one place you could get married regardless of cost or distance, a beautiful bridal suite in luxurious Key West would honestly be up there. Even back when Ponce de Leon discovered Key West, or “Bone Island”, Key West has been revered for its stunning natural beauty. Of course, the 90s really saw the development of Key West into a prime vacation spot, with the airport having about 26,000 people a month come through more or less, or living scattered across the islands. 

Obviously it’s such a popular tourist location, so it makes sense Key West is also a very sought-after place to get married, With top-rated wedding venues such as The Reach Key West, Casa Marina, and easily the hottest wedding venue, the famous Ocean Key Resort & Spa.
The Ocean Key Resort and SpaPhoto byQwesy Qwesy on Wikimedia Commons

In 1982, just before the 90s turned Key West into one of the most happening vacation spots in the entire country, a developer purchased the property that would soon host Ocean Keys Resort, and built the first ever timeshare in Key West, REFLECTIONS. 

REFLECTIONS only lasted 7 years before it was renovated into a hotel with 100 rooms: the Ocean Key House Hotel. Eventually, in 2005, through a series of management changes and renovations, the hotel officially became Ocean Key Resort and Spa. 

With two picturesque outdoor wedding venues to choose from and world-class packages, it’s no wonder the Ocean Key Resort and Spa is such a well-known place to get married. For around $3,200, you can have your dream wedding with 200 guests here, and that includes a waterfront reception and a photo shoot around the stunning resort. Who wouldn’t want that? What the resort doesn’t mention on their very well put together website, though, are the alleged hauntings. 

It’s not the entire resort that is said to be haunted, though. Only one suite, the third floor bridal suite facing Duval Street, which has been known for all its ghostly activity. Several reports from guests and employees alike speak of a ghost who wrestles keys and rearranges your things, sits on the bed while you’re in it, and in one instance, scared guests so badly with a loud clap that they did not even stay the night.

But who is the ghost? Because the building is so old and has had many iterations, it is believed that the ghost is the spirit of someone left behind from the past. It is also believed to still be actively haunted. 

Honestly, as negative as I’ve kind of been about the stories that I’ve been reading lately, I think this is a haunted spot that I’d actually want to get married at. It truly sounds like a one-of-a-kind experience, and if you're traumatized, it would be pretty easy to remember your wedding date for anniversaries. That’s a win. If I ever get married again in the future, this will have to be a definite option.

 My only question is: who’s coming to the wedding?

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