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This could (maybe) be the most haunted high school in Florida

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I’m back with another most haunted. This is a good one, too. With $2,2207 current private and public high schools in the state of Florida, some are bound to be haunted. I think I found the one with the most activity. Honestly, it makes sense that the high school would be in the town of Oviedo, Florida. Oviedo has long been known for its haunted past. The Oviedo Lights, St Luke’s cemetery, The Econ River. This might be the most haunted of them all, though. 

Recently celebrating their 100-year anniversary of educating the Florida public, oh you had a high school opened its doors to students back in 1922. Oviedo High School has been widely known for their Sports program, the Lions, and even has produced several professional athletes and entertainers, from Comics to pro wrestlers. The biggest scandal coming out of Oviedo High School though, has to be when the sports team got slapped with the biggest punishment in Florida Sports history when some team members on various sports teams were found to violate the rules by living outside of school grounds.

But this reputation hasn’t stopped the school, which was once known as the Oviedo school, from excelling. “For about six out of the last 8 years,” the school has earned an “A” rating from the Governor’s A-plus Plan for Education, a title held by no other high school in all of Seminole County. Also, their newspaper, “The Lion’s Tail” has even been awarded by the national Scholastic press Association, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, and the Florida’s classic Press Association. Wow. Florida’s making the future journalists of the world out here. 

With a school this old though, as these things go, there are bound to be some crazy stories. This school has several crazy stories. According to multiple sources, there are a few different hot spots with some alleged Paranormal Activity out of your high school. Quote figures and flashes and “have been seen in the auditorium. People say the baseball fields are also haunted. There have been reports of a quote section like energy quote, red marks around the trees, what are described as “spiritual patches and portals”.

The scariest ghost of all is probably the one that haunts the girls’ restroom. The ghost of a brown-haired, pale girl is said to stalk those who go into the bathroom for some time, trying to scare them by telling her story. Some even say that she has followed them home.

That’s about where I tap out. School stays at school, and that includes the ghosts. Kids are supposed to bring math pages home with them, not a poltergeist. If for some reason I ever decide I want kids and I’m in Orlando, I’m staying away from this high school, Even if it has an A rating. I’d rather my kids not be traumatized at school anymore than they have to be.

Do you think this is the most haunted High School in Florida? Let me know in the comments.

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