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The (potentially) most evil motel in Fort Myers might not be what you expect

Evie M.
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Imagine that you're checking in for your hotel for the weekend. You’re only here for work and for a few days. He didn’t want to book anything that was too crazy expensive. A cozy motel, a bed, and a hot shower would do.

Little do you know that within minutes of you sliding your key card and setting your bags down on the bed would you be gathering them as fast as you could in running screaming out the door. Now imagine what this terrifying motel looks like. Would you imagine it was a freaking Motel 6?

 If someone had asked me that, I honestly wouldn’t have. And that is why the story and trust me so much. With a town as haunted as Fort Myers in a state as haunted as Florida, you would think that the most haunted motel in Fort Myers would be something more impressive than a crusty chain motel with the worst reputation possible out of all the chain motels.

 Motel 6 is just down there rough. No offense to Motel 6, not really. William Becker and Paul Greene, the geniuses who opened Motel 6 back in 1962, are more successful than I could ever dream of being. It’s not Motel 6’s fault that the reputation stooped so low.

Their dreams started as wholesome as any. According to the official Motel 6 website, William and Paul started Motel 6 after traveling across the country with their families and being “dismayed” at the options available for lodging. Even with the less savory parts of their reputation, Motel 6 themselves says “we still hold the highest brand recognition in the economy lodging segment”. Impressive.

This location is closed now. I don’t think that Motel 6’s “ highest brand recognition in the economy lodging segment quote could have saved this Motel 6 from destruction, either. Honestly, to me, from what I’ve learned and from what I can see of Fort Myers, but I could be wrong. This little Motel 6 could be the most evil motel in all of Fort Myers. Or could have been, since it’s now closed. Could it be closed because of the hauntings? I don’t know. There’s not much information about any of this, so this is all my speculation, but once you hear the stories, it makes sense why this place would close.

According to sources such as actual employees and former guests, there were four buildings on the property, and every building had a horrible Story coming out of it about weird things going on. People have heard: “footsteps in the puddles of water , strange screeching noises, screams and moans of agony, a very strange odor of a female’s perfume, and temperature changes. “

Wow. That is quite the list. Who knows what was going on here, but this place sounds like a literal portal to Hell, meaning it’s an “absolutely not” from me. I don’t care how much money I’d have saved. 

Did you stay at this Motel 6? Have you heard the stories? Let me know in the comments!

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