Even the librarians at this school talk about the (alleged) hauntings

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If there’s one thing to know about Florida, it’s that some might laugh at all the ‘stupid’ people that come from Florida, but this state  is a large part of what makes education in this country great. It’s true.

Not only does Florida have some of the hottest colleges in the country, but according to the U.S. News and World Report, Florida ranks third behind New Jersey in first place and Massachusetts in second place overall in education, but scored #1 for higher education, and a respectable 16th place for Pre-k-12 grade.

Maybe this is why, at least for me, I have focused little on the grade school years of haunted Florida school history: The colleges have been taking over everyone’s attention because they’re the Stars of Florida’s education system, but with the incredible legends and true historical stories coming out of these buildings non-college institutions are still in the mix. In fact, some of these schools have more terrifying stories than the colleges.

Opening to students on November 10th, 1971, South Miami Senior High has built a reputation for itself in Miami-Dade. They originally built South Miami Senior High to take over the Overflow of students from the strained sister high schools in Miami Coral Park Senior High in Coral Gables High School. fun fact, the students chose their mascot and decided on a cobra. An even cooler fact is that the very first principal of the school, Warren Burchell, chose the team colors for the Cleveland Browns (orange and brown). Because this high school is in Miami, the Hollywood of the South, several celebrities have also studied at South Miami Senior High, ranging from the singer Pitbull to former NFL tight end Ed Beckham. 

With schools as historical and interesting as these, like I always say, there are bound to be some interesting stories, and South Miami Senior High has a truly interesting legend. According to reputable sources such as shadowlands.net and realhauntedplaces.com (AKA Florida hauntedhouses.com), both the high school’s auditorium and library are apparently haunted and even the librarians have spoken about how books they arranged already have been “thrown into other disarray the next morning “.

One legend says that it was a janitor and the president of the drama club who died in the auditorium and that a TV turns on by itself inside the room. Some people even spoke about hearing “eerie music and whispering at odd times of day”. For me, that is. It was enough to convince me that this school is haunted and that I will never step foot there. 

Fortunately, I do not have to go to high school any longer, so I will never have to get near this place. However, if there is some chance at least I know now, this is on my do not go list. absolutely not. Did you go to this high school? Have you heard the stories?

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