The reason people warn about this famous waterfall is absolutely tragic

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beautiful Falling Waters State Park in Washington County, FloridaPhoto byBalón Greyjoy on Wikimedia Commons

Boy, do I have a good story for you today, guys. I don’t even know how I got on the topic of haunted waterfalls in Florida, but here we are and it’s really, really interesting. Florida truly is a state of “mosts”. I say that all the time, and I say that I said it all the time. I say that, too. This time, though, I have a real eyebrow raiser for you.

Before we continue, I want to clarify that it is not the nicest story, and that if I didn’t check the internet for any sign that what spawned this haunting actually exists, I wouldn’t be writing about it, point blank. Seeing that there’s no evidence, though, we’re going to proceed, because these ghosts stories are getting...I don’t even know the word.

I have never been to Falling Waters State Park, home of Florida’s Tallest waterfall, but one look at a photo and you can tell its paradise. The sink hole itself, which is covered with trees and other smaller sinkholes, has a nice little trail, or what they call “the boardwalk” that leads you straight to the heart of the falls, where you can have a perfect view of this stunning natural wonder. Also, the sink hole below, which is 100-feet deep. Scary. People with vertigo, warning.

There are other activities at the park, too, making this the perfect day get-away for families. You can hike, see the migrant butterflies, have a picnic. Sounds like an amazing time! Of course, though, I’m noticing in Florida, when it seems sunshine and rainbows, there’s probably something unsavory that stinks not far off, and by stink, I mean ghosts. Ghosts are (reportedly) around. This ghost story is sad, too.

According to multiple reputable sources, such as, local legend says that some teenagers who went on a hike heard “the same screams over and over”. Who were they from? The story, which, again, hasn’t been confirmed, says a woman in the ‘50’s and her kids went missing, and that it is her spirit and the spirits of her children that haunt the park.

Another story comes from an eyewitness named “Jenni”, who was hiking to the waterfall when he saw a “very tall and painfully thin human-shaped figure dressed in all black.” If that isn’t scary enough, Jenni says the thing followers her and freakin’ growled as she went to the falls. That’s a nope from me. I don’t care how majestic this waterfall is, I’m not going. Something is wrong with that sinkhole. Could it be a portal to Hell? Who knows, but I’m not finding out.

If you’re interested to learn if the ghost stories here are true for yourself, though, the park is open and welcoming of the public. It is open from 8 a.m. to sunset year-round, and it’s $5 per vehicle. Have you ever been to Falling Waters? Have you heard about the alleged ghosts? Let me know in the comments.

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