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Why you (maybe) should avoid these four-star apartments in Orlando

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My time in Orlando is coming to a close soon, and that means moving, so my mind is naturally drifting in that direction, and always with a little haunted razzle-dazzle. Lately, as I search for new homes, I’m finding myself wondering about the haunted variety. I will say this now: I don’t want to ever live in a haunted home again.

Before I came to Orlando, I lived on an Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota of all places, and let me just say I’ve never been afraid of the dark or slept with all the lights on until I lived in that home. This is a story for a later date, though. Our focus now is on Florida and all the spooky places to live around the state we may never have known about, and then there’s Orlando.

Though today the “City Beautiful” is one of the hottest destinations in the country, it has quite the history, with its lineage running back all the way to 1838 and the Seminole Wars, and Fort Gatlin, built to protect from ambush, was not far from Orlando. A line this long says only one thing: ghosts, metaphorically or not, whichever you believe. A city this old always has some kind of ghosts, no matter how much they update buildings.

Which is where this apartment complex in Orlando comes in. I was browsing apartments when it popped up as an option. Of course, the complex didn’t advertise that it was haunted. No, in fact, their slogan: “Living the Good Life” splashed across their attractive website featuring a layout of the grounds, suggests anything but. Isn’t that always how it goes, though?

Near the lovely Waterford Lakes and with modern one-three bedroom rooms available for rent,Cricket Clubs Apartments truly seem like the dream place to live. There’s a gated entry, a pool, gym, and it’s close to downtown, too. What could be better? Places this amazing have to have a catch, right?

This one does.

Both Hauntedplaces.org and Shadowlands.net have matching reports about “strange smells, screams, and possible apparitions walking around at night.” That is absolutely terrifying. Looking at the shockingly low rent prices, though, it makes sense.

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment for literally less than $1,000 and don’t mind living next to a potential portal to Hell, though, this sounds like the place for you to be. What’s most unsettling is there is no information about what the hauntings could possibly be. The only thing close to a clue I found was an article from 2014 saying the Cricket Club Apartments sold for a whopping $15 million. Could this simply be for state-of-the-art renovations? Or was there a more sinister reason behind the sudden sale? Why are these luxury apartments priced so low? It’s a mystery to me, and it’s going to stay that way. Living at this apartment complex is not on my Orlando To-Do list, that’s for sure.

Readers, have you heard stories about the potential hauntings at Cricket Club Apartments? Let me know in the comments.

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