I think I finally found the #1 scariest road in Florida

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I say I think that I’ve found the scariest road in Florida a lot, or at least about three times now. I also say that every time I think I find “the one”, another haunt comes around and blows my mind. With as many haunted roads in Florida as there are, too, this could be a big claim but I’m willing to wager that this time, I’m right. This time, I think I’ve found the scariest road in Florida.

Dun dun dun.

There are a few elements that make this road, to me, the scariest I’ve learned of so far in Florida. No, I have not been there myself. No, I’m not a Florida native but a transplant from California, but that alone should tell you I am a decent judge of the scary and strange.

Growing up in California, and for a good chunk of it right in the middle of “Hollyweird”, I can tell when something is super scary. I would pass by some of the most haunted landmarks in Hollywood on my way to work. You become desensitized. This haunted road, however, made me say “wow”.

Now, as for the elements that make this road incredibly scary to me, for one, is the anonymity. Despite not being from Florida, it’s pretty easy to find all the heavy hitters when it comes to haunted roads around the Sunshine State. I’ve learned about them, written about them, and still mention them often. There’s the I-4 Deadzone, The Old Dixie Highway, The Oviedo Lights. So. Many. Haunted roads.

This one, however, I have yet to see mentioned so publicly as the others, and I’m not sure why, because the story behind it is brutal. The road in question is called Magnolia Creek Lane, and, according to Weird Florida, a very trusted publication of all these strange and terrifying around Florida, this little road is in Lake County, south of Mount Verde and on the “west side of Lake Apopka”. Good to know, but not to visit. Oh, no, no. To avoid.

The oldest inhabited land in Florida (wow), Lake County has been around, with copious receipts that it’s dated back thousands of years. Sadly, Lake County’s story is filled with sadness and bloodshed, as it was the Spaniards who came to Lake County and set up missions in 1560, with the hopes of turning the natives Catholic, but resulted in slaughter and much suffering. There’s so much pain in Lake County, it seems, that it floods over into the roads, and Magnolia Lane has to be the scariest of them all, with over 200 recorded deaths on this stretch alone after a fatal steam engine crash.

Many reports have come in detailing some pretty weird apparent paranormal experiences, such as “screams coming from the woods”, which many believe are the screams of the steam engine crew that died. Shadow figures walking the path have also been spotted.

You all know I love haunted stuff, but I’m gonna pull a Randy Jackson and say it’s a no from me, dawg. Have you heard of this super haunted road? Do you think it could be the most haunted in Florida? Let me know in the comments!

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