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"Moving puddles of blood" have (maybe) been seen on this road to Cocoa Beach

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I legitimately give up. I have no idea what to say anymore. There is no possible way I'll ever know everything there is to know about Florida, because, as I say time and time again, every time I think I have some sort of grasp, a new story comes along and leaves me sitting there smoldering after my brain implodes. No, that's not dramatic, either. You have to admit, so many of these ghosts stories and legends floating around Florida are absolutely wild. I've never heard anything quite like the majority of them. This one has to be the weirdest, (and saddest, if true), by far, at least when it comes to haunted roads.

There are some heavy hitters when it comes to being the number one haunted road in Florida, too. The I-4 Deadline, Oviedo Lights, simply to name two out of the countless we know (and don't know) about. Much like this one. I'm not here to assume, but I'd bet a shocking amount of you haven't heard about this (apparently) haunted little stretch of road in Narcoossee, Florida. Heck, I've never even heard of Narcoossee (yikes). However, I have heard of the beautiful Cocoa Beach, which is where this road is headed to.

Originally known as Oceanus (pretty!) before being incorporated, the town of Cocoa Beach was official in 1925. Here's a fun fact: in 1924 Cocoa Beach was known as the "World's Great Speedway", with racers going up to 180 miles an hour along the sandy banks. Wow! Today, Cocoa Beach still has quite the reputation and is still very much a thriving community.

As for Narcoossee, which began as a settlement in the late 1800s, it is now considered a ghost town, according to, and has one major road leading out of it—I'm not sure if this is the road is referencing when it says "the stretch of road toward Cocoa Beach", but seeing that this is the only apparent road leading out of the place, it's safe to say we've found our match.

Honestly, if I had found even a whiff of details pointing towards any fact to this story, I wouldn't have written it at all and moved right on to the one about the haunted trailer park I found. I don't like ghost stories about children. Considering I have found no news reports or additional stories, I think it's alright to talk about this one and appreciate it as a legend, because it's...interesting. says that reports have come in saying "around the 15 mile mark" is where a young girl died on her way to the beach on prom night, and "moving puddles of blood" have been seen.

That is one I have yet to hear.

This is one of those stories that's best left to lie, I think, on the off chance a young lady did lose her life. Maybe it so for the best, though, as Narcoossee road has had some reported fatal accidents as early as February 14. I guess this is one of those times I really hope a story isn't true.

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