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Is this the most haunted neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida?

Evie M.

I’m not sure about you, but there’s something creepy about neighborhoods to me. Maybe it’s reading “Return of the Pumpkinheads” by R. L. Stine again and again until the idea of getting taken by a bunch of weird jack-o’-lantern people to Trick-or-Treat forever flooded my dreams.

Or maybe it was causing too many disasters in Sim City until those situations showed up in my dreams. No matter the reason, to me, there’s something a little unsettling about neighborhoods, and a little about me is that whenever I’m unsettled, I’m also (maybe) intrigued.

Which leads me today to look up haunted neighborhoods in Florida.

As usual, lately, it was when I was trying to find the name of another haunt I’d found the night before and swore I’d remember. What struck me about this particular Florida haunt, however, is that it is the only haunted neighborhood in Florida that I’ve seen listed anywhere. Huh. So could this mean it could be the most haunted neighborhood in Jacksonville or even all of Florida? It would make sense, considering the haunted history behind Jacksonville.

With the original inhabitants of Jacksonville, Florida, the Tumucuan Indians, came to the shores of the St. Johns thousands of years ago, and the first settlement, Cowford, arriving in 1791, it’s easy to see that Jacksonville has been around.

In fact, it is so old, before Florida even became a state, Jacksonville was an actual town. L.O.L. That’s old. Also, fun fact, Jacksonville was named after President Andrew Jackson, who was simply Andrew Jackson, first military governor of the Florida Territory back then. NBD.

We all know what that means, too. With a place this old, there are bound to be ghosts, and Jacksonville has a ton of them: the King House, the Jacksonville Beach lifeguard station, the famous Palace Saloon, arguably one of the most haunted places in Florida. Yet, this neighborhood you may not have heard of.

None of us can identify if we wanted to. The only listing I could find was on shadowlands.net, and even then it was only called “neighborhood”.

Dang. This place is so scary and mysterious the “neighborhood” couldn’t even get “the” before it. There’s not much said about it, either, beyond what I can find on shadowlands.net. (This site comes in so clutch with all the non-talked about haunts).

Sadly, the story behind this haunt is as disturbing as the vibe the name gives off. According to this (apparent) legend, the ghost of a little boy haunts a house on the block, though it doesn’t say which one. The description of the haunting says residents would have food and clothes stolen, get locked out of the house, and “hear footsteps in the attic.”

No, thank you. I don’t do haunted houses, which I’ve talked about before (Note to self: if I ever live on another military base, use Sage). All I have to say is this haunt made me sad, and I genuinely hope the spirit of a little boy isn’t haunting this random Jacksonville home. I don’t like hauntings with kids.

Without more details, though, this is simply a story. Also, with no other mention of haunted neighborhoods in Jacksonville, safe to say this is now the front runner. If it’s all true, that is. We all know, though, with Florida, anything can be.

What are your thoughts?

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