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Of course, the weirdest world record ever came from Orlando

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I've said it so many times and I'll say it again: Florida is just plain weird. It's not a bad thing at all, personally I love weird, but it would make sense that the weirdest state (and city, love you, Orlando) would be home to what I think has to be one of the weirdest Guinness world records, if not the weirdest.

Don't ask me how a Monday afternoon lead me down the rabbit hole of reading up on World Records. ADD and access to Google does some strange things to me. How I got here isn't important.

What's important is that I share this information with all you fine people, because frankly, your life won't be the same after you've learned this information.

Good or bad, IDK, but we're gonna talk about this Guinness world record regardless.

The "Weirdest" Guiness World Record

All I had to say when I first came across this particular world record on the official Guinness World Records site was simply: "of course this happened in Orlando."

I'd never heard any part of this record attempt or the conference which it happened at, the HIMSS Annual Conference, Orlando, but let me tell you, this entire Guinness world saga was a ride.

A yearly gathering of over 40,000 top global health professionals that meet to "build relationships during lively networking events", The HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition is quite the event.

However, in between all the networking and lectures from experts about cutting edge health technology, they also like to break really crazy world records, such as the "longest scanned document".


The world record for longest scanned document in history

Picture it: You're at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, gathered with colleagues from around the world. You're staring intently at a scanner, particularly a Truper 3600 by Bowe Bell + Howell.

You look to your left and the agent sent to verify world records is watching the scanner as well, unblinking, pencil poised to mark down a success or failure. You only need a couple more seconds to beat the previous record. And then....victory! The crowd goes wild, papers flying...

What a scene. What a scene. It literally sounds like a deleted clip out of the movie Office Space, but no, this was real.

At the 2008 at the annual HIMSS Conference that was held in Orlando, the Guinness world record for longest scanned document was officially broken. According to the official Guinness World records site: " a document stretching out to 3,875 feet was scanned on a Trüper 3600 scanner by Böwe Bell + Howell."

How to break a new world record

If you are as inspired as I am by how random this world record is, you might be rushing to look at how you can break a new record and earn an immortal spot in the good Guinness book. The good news is, it's completely attainable, and you can even do it from home!

According to the Guinness world records site, hopefuls need to browse through their records data base, make sure you have proper documentation and evidence, and of course, practice like mad. You can set records for heaviest weight, thick hair, largest hairy family, jumping on a pogo stick, longest tongue, and so many other records-even most spoons.

Let me know in the comments if you've heard about this weird record!

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