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The story behind Black Creek Memorial Cemetery is even scarier than the name

Evie M.
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He was literally dressed as Death when we started talking about Black Creek Cemetery. We were about to wrap a short film, and I came to sit beside him on the bench, laughing at the juxtaposition of Death enjoying such a sweet scene with the little ducks and soft wind.

From there, we started talking about work, haunted things, and Black Creek Cemetery came up.

"I used to live out in the Freeport area before I moved to Orlando," he'd told me, causing some Fritos and tossing the crumbs to the ducks. "There's a place called Black Creek Cemetery that's supposed to be really haunted."

He'd shrugged. "I was always too scared to go, but my brother did on a dare with his friends in the sixth grade and honestly, he came back different. I dunno."

His testimony was enough to have me googling "Black Creek Cemetery" at about 3 A.M. once we got home and going down quite the spooky rabbit hole.

Black Creek Memorial Cemetery, located at 102 Memorial Ln, Freeport, FL 32439, to many, including me, seems just like any ordinary cemetery. Which is how the most sinister places always seem, don't they?

As far as the town of Freeport goes, it has quite the history, With settlers arriving in 1830 and even a place in the Civil War as "Four Mile Landing". Yes, Freeport has a lot of baggage, and Black Creek Cemetery has been the resting place for said baggage since the 1800s.

And with such a history. it's no wonder the story surrounding Black Creek Memorial has been circulated as much as it has. There are bound to be ghosts in a place like this. And one particular ghost is the star of Black Creek Memorial.

According to a local legend provided by, a small girl in her brother who lived in Freeport in the early days took a short cut through the burial ground so as not to be late getting home and were suddenly mauled by a bear who was able to follow them into the church and even up the bell tower.

Horrible. And so are the stories from apparent witnesses to some otherworldly experiences. The church that was built alongside the cemetery in the 1800s that has since been demolished, was an apparent "hotspot", and if you arrive at the church "at the stroke of midnight" you could hear "little children screaming."

Legend also says you could hear children scream each time the bell rang. The old church has been torn down and bell tower relocated. Hm. Coincidence? Or were too many people breaking in trying to talk to ghosts?

I couldn't find any mention of any spooky stories surrounding the church, but I think that's a good thing. Some stories shouldn't be revisited, and if the tower is gone, some bad stuff must've gone down.

These are just my thoughts, though. What are yours? Do you think the spirits of the children were haunting the bell tower? Let me know in the comments.

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