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You (might) never return if you walk down this beautiful Fernandina path

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I’m not sure why my sense of adventure waited one of the coldest months Florida has seen in a long time, but in recent days a wanderlust has developed within me and I am currently in a fleeting mode to scratch that itch and search for different outdoor activities around Florida that aren’t too far from my hobbit hole.

Naturally, I wanted to put a spin on this outing and look for some place haunted, but I genuinely thought I’d read about all the woodsy haunts Florida offered.

And then I learned about the “Pathway of the Wiccendemous”. I mean, even the title screams: “wicked”. It’s pretty much in the name. Of course, I had to add it to the ‘ole brain catalogue.. Which meant studying up first. And trust me, the story is a lot.

Let’s get crackin’.

The town of Fernandina, which is more formally known as the “Original Town of Fernandina Historic Site” or “Old Town” is a true blast from Florida’s past, and has even earned themselves ap lace on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Located officially in Fernandina Beach, Florida on the beautiful and famous Amelia Island.

Visitors to Old Town can reach it via North 14th St., and can find a variety of activities to enjoy for a day or night of fun.

Guests can take a browse through the Amelia Island Museum of History, visit several beaches such as Main Beach Park and Peter’s Point Beachfront Park.

You can also toss back a beer or two at the Marlin and Barrel Distillery, or check out some wildlife at Egan’s Creek Greenway.

Truly, Fernandina sounds like an incredible place to spend a weekend away exploring the best Florida offers.

But naturally, a fun outing isn’t all I’m interested in. I want to know about the terrible trail next to Fernandina High School that has been the subject of disturbing legends for years.

Local legend says that there is an ancient evil that haunts an unsuspecting path near Fernandina High School. “Under the branches of an ancient oak tree” many terrifying stories have been born, and where the Wiccademous will come for the poor soul who dare try to see if the stories are true.

A grave belonging to a young girl hung for witchcraft rests beneath the “branches of an ancient oak tree” where you’ll feel the “wrath of the Wiccademous” should anyone disturb the grave. And as for the “wrath” part, supposed witness have claimed that “the ground will shake violently and you’ll hear loud booming noises”. And, of course, there are the typical stories of people venturing down the path only to never be heard from again.

Should anyone want to visit, there’s no information saying anyone can’t go, but it’s always smart to check first. A fun time can turn into regret really quick when you;’re not checking the rules, let me tell you what. But if you're interested in a visit, maybe, just maybe, you can get some answers to this curious Florida mystery. I'm pretty convinced to go on an investigation myself.

My only question is: Who’s coming with me?

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