Do you believe the center of the earth is in Lee County, Florida?

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A map of "The Interior World", from The Goddess of Atvatabar by William Bradshaw (1892).Public domain on Wikipedia

I don’t know about you, but I love a good theory. Learning about the different thoughts and beliefs of people is a truly fascinating experience, especially when they get so far, we’ll say, “out of hand” that they start developing entire cults dedicated to them.

That’s always a plus, right? At least it is for me. Call it culture and history, I don’t know. But we’re going to talk about a theory that really has me fascinated, and that would be the Hollow Earth theory that says the center of the earth is actually in Florida.

That’s right. There’s a theory out there that says that the center of the earth is near the Estero River, which is not far from Fort Meyers in Lee County.

Ah, but what is Fort Meyers? What’s funny is that I’ve been living in Florida long enough and writing about all the spooky things around the state long enough to really start to understand how connected everything is. I’ve written about Fort Meyers before, but never quite understood just how far down the rabbit hole went.

We know about Cyrus Teed and how he turned Fort Meyers into his cult hub of Hollow Earth Followers, the “Koreshan Unity Settlement”.

But what’s really interesting is that this wasn’t a fly by night decision by Cyrus. Not at all. From childhood, Cyrus always dabbled in “alchemy, electrical phenomena, and seriously studying medicine with his uncle, Dr. Samuel Teed.”

Cyrus even became a bona fide doctor after he served in the military. This is important because it was his tinkering with the electromagnetism that caused him to have a “divine illumination” while unconscious after a nasty shock.

In this vision, Teed said that: “a beautiful woman revealed the secrets of the universe to him, and told him that he had a mission to ‘redeem humanity.’”

Wow. Kind of scary and inspiring at the same time.

Maybe the shock did something to him, because the story goes on to speak about how his theories got more “wild”—birthing the Hollow Earth theory and the name change to “Koresh”, and then the whole cult thing.

In fact, his cult following the “Koreshan Unity”, who believed Koresh found the “‘vitellus of the great cosmogonic egg’” or the “belly button of the Earth.”

And that bellybutton was thought to be in Fort Meyers, Florida. Insanity. Visitors are also welcome to the beautiful Fort Meyers, which is currently open daily. So really there’s no excuse to not go do a little digging yourself.

Koreshan State Park, where you can find the settlement is currently open as of Nov. 11, with a few exceptions that can be further learned about on the website. Cost is $5 per vehicle and the park is open from 8 am to 5 pm. Plenty of time to learn about such a, well, legendary, legend.

Do you believe the center of the earth is in Fort Meyers? Have you been to the Koreshan Settlement? Let me know in the comments.

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