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Would you have stayed at this (maybe) haunted St. Petersburg Bed and Breakfast?

Evie M.

Ever since my twin got married almost ten years ago and she let me stay in the Harry Potter room at the amazing Bed and Breakfast she rented, I have had a weird obsession with cool Bed and Breakfasts. If it’s any kind of awesome or weird and I can sleep there safely enough, I’ll most likely be the first one to say, "let’s do it."

Of course, I’m also the kind of person who really likes to stay home with my pets and Netflix, especially as I get older, but it costs nothing to learn a little bit on your computer from your bed, and maybe then if it’s really cool you can make a move to actually go and do the thing. Or at least this has been my method since I started randomly deciding to learn about all things haunted around Florida and sharing the experience here with you.

And it’s going to be my method now, because unfortunately, this particular (potentially) haunted location is unfortunately closed for good. But it does deserve it’s own nod because the story is mad scary.

For those of you who haven’t been following me, I know nothing about Jacksonville. I'm a California native who's been living in Orlando for a year, so I have no idea if this is a well-known ghost story or not. But for me, it crossed my eye while looking for something else, which gave me an almost “forgotten” vibe, an afterthought. Which only was amplified when I found through a quick Google search that is closed.

It really was a beautiful location at 532 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL on the very happenin’ Beach Drive (I know Beach Drive is the Hollywood Blvd. of St. Petersburg).

The only reason I mention this is because, after learning the stories that came from this place, it makes sense to me. A sunny little beachside resort tinged in sadness. But only in the Montego Room, apparently. Though I’m certain the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll feel the dread. I can only imagine what those in the Montego Room felt before experiencing “a rocking chair that rocks by itself” along with “ghostly music and disembodied footsteps in the night.” And while there is no information I can find about where the ghosts come from (and I tried), considering this is a historic inn from around 1910, there are bound to be ghosts. There are just bound to be.

So, yeah, I believe it. Sadly, though this lovely resort only went for around $150 a night, you can no longer stay, so the story will remain mysterious. Maybe a stroll down Beach Drive would job up some kind of old memory,

Unless any of you have something to add to it. The people's memories remain constant, so I'm very curious. Readers, have you stayed at the Beach Drive Inn Bed and Breakfast? Do you know about the alleged hauntings? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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