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(Maybe) don't stop for any strange women at this Eustis, Florida Cemetery

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I feel like this statement is one of the most obvious I can make about Florida, but man, are there a lot of graveyards. Historic ones, regular ones, hidden ones, and, of course, haunted. Florida has more graveyards than any other state I’ve lived or been in. But maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. Regardless, Florida has so many graveyards, a good chunk of them are actual tourist attractions and listed as “things to do” in town.

In fact, thousands of people yearly flock to see such famous Florida graveyards such as the Key West and Georgiana graveyards, both stunning and widely visited. These graveyards garnered a good portion of their fame from the haunted stories attached to them.

Then there are the smaller graveyards, which might not be as popular, but are still just as haunted. This is my segue into talking about this haunted graveyard I came across while doing my daily rounds on the internet to poke around for the most haunted spots in Florida. I’d heard about all the big boy graveyards before, mostly, but the one that caught my eye on was the cemetery along SR-44 in Eustis, Florida.

This could simply be my unfamiliarity with this part of Florida, but I just spent twenty minutes trying to find a proper name for this graveyard and I couldn’t. There are a few in Eustis close to the SR-44 such as the Lakeside Memory Gardens, cemetery, but I can’t be too sure. The listing just mentioned the graveyard beside SR-44. I think it adds to the sinister feel of it all, but just note, there’s a graveyard along the SR-44 in Eustis. It’s good enough.

Visitors are more than welcome to go to the cemetery like any other (from what little info I can find about it). The difference here is to be careful if you see a young woman walking down the road from the graveyard. Many reports of a “female figure in a lace outfit” have surfaced, and when people have stopped to help the woman, thinking she’s real, she does the typical ghost thing and goes “poof”.

So the lesson here is maybe don't stop for any strange ghost ladies. Got it.

Yeah, nope. I’m torn here. A part of me wants to see this place for myself, and another wants me to lock my car doors at all times passing cemeteries, because that is beyond creepy. I think curiosity might win this time. I’ll have to make a trip out for myself. If you decide to join me, scout for permission first. You don’t need both an angry ghost and security guard on your back.

And of course, EustIs has a lot more to offer than just ghosts. Enjoy Ferran Park and the Lake Walk, the beautiful Hidden Waters Preserve, or head to the Nature Museum at the Trout Lake Nature Center. At Christmas Time, you can even take the kiddos to pick out a Christmas tree at Santa's Christmas Tree Forest. They all sound like the perfect addition to a ghost hunting adventure and I can't wait to go. My only question is: Who's coming with me?

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