Travel Channel said this is "Florida's Most Haunted Pub"

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I am not much of a drinker. I like my medicine a little more green. But that doesn't mean the night life in our world isn't well and thriving. And one thing I noticed about moving to Orlando is the night life here is pretty bumpin'. Full disclosure, I'm a homebody who literally never leaves my apartment, but if I'm out and about at night, it's not uncommon at all to see groups of young friends in club wear laughing as they stuff themselves into one car for a night on the town. Honestly, if you ask me, Florida, in general, has a very healthy night-life balance. And Delray Beach, Florida is no different. Located in the Miami metropolitan area about two-hours and forty-six minutes away from Orlando by car, Delray Beach has beach town vibes that will steal your heart. Fifty-two miles from beautiful Miami, this roughly small blip on sprawling Florida map (as of 2020, the population was 66,846 people.

UPDATE: some are saying that Delray Beach is in Palm Beach County. This is true. But Palm Beach County is in the Miami metropolitan area. Therefore, Delray is in the Miami Metropolitan area. Also, Mapquest says 2 hours and 44 minutes from Orlando. :) But thank you for looking out!

Visitors to Delray Beach will not only be met with stunning beaches and excellent sea food, but som pretty interesting stories was well, with a lot of them being spooky. There are many alleged and famous haunts in every corner of Florida, and the businesses in a small beach town are no exception. In fact, the bar we'll be talking about today, The Blue Anchor Pub on Atlantic Avenue was dubbed "Florida's Most Haunted Pub" in 2004 by none other than the Travel Channel. Pretty impressive. And scary.

Known for the fun food like Scotch eggs, this popular British pub is a staple in the area for those looking for a charming bar atmosphere to unwind with a pint. But, clearly, given Travel Channel's dubbing, the bar is also known for a lot more. According to stories, including news coverage, the bar is haunted by a woman named Bertha Starkey.

That's right. The pub is not only authentic in theme, but it is actually imported from London, having been originally built back in 1840s. Personally, this little nugget of info is enough to have me heading there the first time I'm even close to Miami again, but the story makes the experience even...jucier? I don't know the word but it makes it a lot more of something.

There are a few different stories about what exactly happened to Bertha to cause her death, but according to Peggy Snyder, co-owner of the Blue Anchor Pub, Bertha was assassinated. Oh, yes.

By her husband.

Oh, yes!

After he caught her (allegedly) cheating when he came back from sea early.


History is wild. If it is historical. From what I can find, there are no accounts that Bertha was an actual person. All we have are the rumors of her haunting spirit that remains at the pub (apparently). There have been reports of echoing footsteps, candles going out and starting on their own, and "mysterious walking in the night".

Super creepy.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to try some sausage rolls for the first time and also do a little ghost hunting. Who's coming with me?

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