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A grumpy ghost (maybe) haunts this Winter Springs country club

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Since moving to Orlando, I’ve realized many things. And the first thing I realized was that if you’re bored here, you’re doing it all wrong. Orlando, and Florida as a whole, is one of the most bustling and busy states I’ve ever lived in, and I’m a California native, so that’s saying something. Florida (and Orlando) is also well-known for leisure. There are so many places to kick back and enjoy the famous Florida weather and scenery. It’s no wonder it’s one of the biggest vacation spots in the entire country, if not the world. And with leisure in Florida, you can’t go wrong with a good country club.

The one I’ll be focusing on today would be the Tuscawilla Country Club in beautiful Winter Springs, Florida.

Located at 1500 Winter Springs Blvd, The Tuscawilla Country Club is an “exclusive family-oriented Private Country Club” according to their website. There’s a scenic golf course covered in Spanish moss, six different Har-Tru clay tennis courts that light up, and a Jr. Olympic size swimming pool.

Members can also enjoy a Gold Pro Shop for all their golfing needs, gym, and on-site dining for lunch and dinner at The Oaks Restaurant. For those who can't afford a membership or don't want one, there is also the lovely Tuscawilla Park, which has many excellent reviews on TripAdvisor praising it for the activities it puts on and the playground for children. Reviews also mention that is a great place to see birds, and many say to check out the Discovery Center (noted!). There is even a seasonal cattle drive and cowboy round-up for the kids, which is honestly so fun I want to go and see it, forget the age limit.

There are also some not so great reviews, talking about the excellent food but slow service and the boring golf course layout. But I wouldn't let this stop you.

What’s even better is, given that it is a country club that promotes family, these beautiful facilities are often available to the public through regular community events for all ages, which happen six days a week. Kinds can take swimming lessons, do art, see animals, anything you can think of. If I had kids, I know I'd be there all the time. Sounds like an amazing place to be, right?

Well, if you’re reading this, you already know there’s a spooky catch. That’s right. The place is reportedly haunted, and not by a friendly ghost, either.

Visitors and employees alike have reported that there is the mysterious ghost of a young man (around twenty-two) who haunts the bar. Reports say he’s seen cleaning the tabletops of the bar, and that he’s even tried to attack people when he’s spotted.

What’s even weirder is no one knows his history. No name, no story. Nothing. Trust me, I scrubbed the internet, too. But I did find one description of him as an "aggressive busboy".

Yikes. Sounds pretty spooky to me, though I am intrigued. And with the country club open regularly for community events, as long as you’re respectful, it could be fun to see if you glimpse the young ghost yourself. Who’s coming with me?

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