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Did you know about the ghosts haunting this famed Orlando Restaurant?

Evie M.

One thing I love about living in Orlando is the food is out of this world. It’s no secret to those who live here or come from all over the world to visit that one of the main attractions beyond DIsneyworld and the obvious is the insane food. 

There is food here from every denomination you can think of and it’s all delicious. Personally, I was most excited to try the Cuban food, and I was not disappointed. As A Mexican food snob from California, I was also pleased to see that there are a number of wonderful places to try authentic Mexican food that tastes just like the carnicerias back home in Winton. There are even live Flamenco dancing shows. How cool is that? 

And one of the most famous restaurants in Orlando (or was, but we’ll get to that) would have to be Ceviche’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Once located at 125 West Church St. in Orlando, CA. Ceviche’s was a staple in Orlando culinary life. For more than twelve years until COVID-19 took it down, Ceviche served the public with a smile and fresh Mexican food. 

Guests can enjoy fresh tapas along with the stunning atmosphere, some aged wine or even Ceviche’s signature sangria. The success of Ceviche’s was so great they even opened up a few different locations in Tampa, which is now closed, and St. Pete’s, which is fortunately still in operation if you want to go and check out what this famed restaurant is all about. 

As for the Orlando location, despite the outcry from the public and their genuine attempts to save the restaurant, the doors closed with a heartfelt Facebook message. 

And while it’s wonderful that you can go and enjoy the exact same ambience and delicious food in St. Pete’s, the Ceviche in Orlando was truly one of a kind. Because it was (apparently) extremely haunted. Before it was a restaurant, Ceviche’s was an old church and then a hotel. 

Guests have reported seeing a “19th Century woman in the mirror”, a “priest wandering outside”. Diners have also mentioned “unseen hands that tug at your clothes” as you’re trying to relax. 


Sadly, we’ll never be able to try and catch a ghost again at Ceviche’s Orlando, but maybe a trip to St. Pete might be worth the trip for some spirits and tapas. There are no reports coming out of the St. Pete location, but there’s always time for a first. Who’s coming with me?

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