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This stunning hotel is "One of the Most Haunted in the World". Would you stay?

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If you ask me, San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful place. There's the history, the food, the people, the Southern Charm. It's all so much to take in and quite a bit of fun. I was married out in San Antonio right on the River Walk (the super romantic Marriage Island), and my new husband and I stayed at the stunning Hotel Contessa. If San Antonio isn't on your "must visit" list, you are making a mistake, for sure.

But I do have one regret. Not staying in one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio while there. To be honest, I had no idea the super posh and well-established Emily Morgan hotel stood a few steps away from River Walk. I'll admit, my husband and I didn't do much exploring beyond the River Walk, but I wish we had, because we would have ran smack into this place.

Why is the Emily Morgan considered to be so haunted?

On the official website, the Emily Morgan Hotel bills itself as: "An iconic 1920s hotel in the heart of San Antonio overlooking the Alamo. Just a 10-minute stroll from the galleries in the colorful La Villita Historic Arts Village and 3 blocks from the iconic Riverwalk."

A towering hotel, the Emily Morgan has been a staple hotel in San Antonia since 1984, and wore a few other hats before it's final form as a hotel. In 1924, the Emily Morgan was the Medical Arts Building, a 50-bed hospital. In 1974, the hospital became an office building, and then, finally, in 1984 after a change in ownership, the Emily Morgan became the stunner it is today. In 20212, the Hilton brand got ahold of it, and it became 177-room ho tel under their brand.

Named after Emily Morgan, the alleged "Yellow Rose of Texas" who (apparently) famously distracted the Mexican General Santa Anna in his tent the morning of the Battle of San Jacinto, winning the fight for the revolutionaries.

Because of its historic status, the Emily Morgan is also on the "National Register of Historic Places". It's apparently super duper haunted, too, even considered "one of the most haunted buildings in the world." Yikes.

According to locals, guests, and employees alike who've know the hotel, multiple floors are haunted in the hotel, but none more than the seventh floor. Guests who stay on the seventh floor may run into a "woman in white" called "the ghost bride" who "shrieks through the halls".

Guests who stay on the 12th and 14th floor (the one used for "hospital activities") have seen horrifying scenes of full on surgery as if they'd "stepped back in time". Very House on Haunted Hill. Terrifying. On the twelfth floor, nurses can be seen "roaming".

And as for the elevators? Guests have reported being "stuck in them for hours" and have been taken against their will to the morgue by the elevator, which is employees only, and is known for the "strange voices in the shadows and being filled with the smell of burning flesh."


Still, even with all of these stories to consider, I do think the Emily Morgan is worth a visit, and I wish I had. Someday I'll come back to San Antonio, and I'll be staying on the seventh floor at the Emily Morgan. My only question is: Who's coming with me?

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