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This Inn is "One of the Most Haunted B&Bs in the country". Would you stay?

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There are so many reasons I miss living in California, beyond the fact that it is my home. And one of those reasons is Idyllwild. If you’ve never been to Idyllwild I honestly feel bad for you, but if you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re unsure what Idyllwild is, it’s the most beautiful town located just beyond San Jacinto, California.

Most people that come to Idyllwild come for the nature, the camping and just the atmosphere. There’s a lot to do here with hiking trails, rock climbing mountain biking five separate restaurants. It’s easy to spend a full day exploring the beauty of Idlewild. In fact, there’s so much to do in Idyllwild you might even want to spend a few days here. And that is where the Strawberry Creek Inn comes in. This charming bed-and-breakfast has many strong reviews on sites like Tripadvisor and, and build itself as a “tranquil retreat that will rejuvenate your spirit and body."

Why is the Strawberry Creek Inn considered to be so haunted?

The Inn offers beautiful homemade meals and treats like scones and quiche. Guests can also enjoy eggs from the hens on property and fresh honey. The end also takes “hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly aspects” into account. And while pets aren’t allowed at the main building, they are allowed at the Strawberry Creek bunkhouse, which is only a couple miles away and is owned by the same owners as the inn.

The bedrooms are all themed to capture the “rustic beauty of Idyllwild California quote and give the visitor the feel of staying in a luxury cabin like a famous writer going out into the piece to write the next great American novel. I love it.

But what I love more is that the sweet bed-and-breakfast is it’s apparently incredibly haunted.

Originally, the building that served as a hub for the Strawberry Creek Inn bed-and-breakfast belonged to a man named Thomas who built it himself in the 1940s. This information comes from Rodney Williams and Ian Scott, who’ve owned the inn since 2004. According to them, the house used to be a restaurant and had an antique shop upstairs. And in 1935, a cottage was added to the property as a home.

And it seems there is one spirit that has stayed behind all these years. And investigators said that she has a big crush on Rodney. The spirit in question has a few different names: “Jane, Janet, or Jade”. (The group says that she is “a bit vague on that subject”.)

The spirit also appeared as a “Native American woman” Who had “an apparent connection with the land before the house was built.”

She is a protector of the Inn, though she doesn’t make herself known much. She also plays pranks on in the other owner and sometimes I guess. The Inn is so haunted, it's even been covered by ABC News even placed it on their "Top Five Most Haunted Inns in the U.S." list. Wow. If you're wanting to stay, this is a luxury experience, and rooms range anywhere from $245-$400 a night.

Personally, I cannot wait to go home to California and book a room straight away at the end. My only question is who’s coming with me?

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