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Be wary eating at this adorable and tasty Kissimmee, Florida Cafe

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Florida is amazing state with so many one-of-a-kind things to do and see. After living here for a year, it's clear to me why it's one of the top tourist destinations in the world and why so many flock to visit yearly. The food in Florida is also a huge part of the allure. As a California native who's traveled the world, I thought I knew good food, but Florida has some of the best.

And the super cute Susan's Courtside Cafe in beautiful Kissimmee, Florida, has a reputation as one of the best. But you should still be wary eating here. And I'll explain why.

With tons of excellent ratings on Google, Yelp, and other review sites equating the cafe to "Grandma's house" and a strong star rating of nothing below a 4, Susan's Cafe is a go to in Kissimmee for comfort Cafe food and a quaint atmosphere. When I went to visit my mom in Kissimmee, she took me all around to the best places to eat, and Susan's was fantastic.

The menu offers a nice variety of delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and pizza (the wrap I had was so good). The place had quite a few happy, chattering guests, and it's easy to see why. The place was an absolute delight.

But then there are the ghosts. I didn't find out until later, and boy, I wish I had.

What is haunting this cute Kissimmee, Florida cafe?

Originally, this cute and quaint restaurant had a life as a home in 1912. When the home became a restaurant, naturally, certain remodels were made to transform it into an eatery with a functioning professional kitchen (that's where the mud room once was, apparently).

What's truly interesting is over the course of the cafe's life there have been many, many devastating stores (such as hurricane Charlie) and everything around the cafe was damaged, but not the actual cafe.

There was also an apparent murder at the restaurant, though no records proved this to be true. Still, Susan's is considered by even professional investigators to be very, very haunted. In fact, I stumbled on this fascinating report of an investigation done by professional Paranormal Investigation group, The Agency for Eternal Justice. (What an amazing name).

Susan herself told the investigators all about the ghosts that haunt her restaurant and the claims from those that have seen them. Some reports talk of full bodied apparitions of a father and two kids appearing. Others report seeing the spirit of a cat that lives inside the building.

And as for the paranormal group itself, they were able to capture a photo of "woman in the window of the Fire Room", though "no tales of a woman have been told".

Susan also said there have been other stories of "murder, suicide, and hangings," and that "Physics and mediums have claimed that there is only the aura of pleasant spirits here."

Can you take a ghost tour of Susan's?

Personally, I find it all delightful, but not everyone is so willing to eat with a bunch of ghosts, so if you're going to eat at Susan's, make sure you know what's going on if you spook easy. As for the rest of us, Susan's is very open about their haunted status, and they're even a stop on the Kissimmee Ghost Tour. (Here's a coupon I found. Score.)

I can't wait to go back to Susan's for some good food and ghostly fun. But you might want to find another cafe if you don't want ghosts with your ham, egg, and cheese croissant.

(My mom had that and it was really good, though. So IDK you might have to go.)

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