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Don't ever visit this Yorba Linda Cemetery on June 15th

Evie M.

I always enjoyed Yorba Linda. A city with a small town community, smiling faces, just a nice place to live and be. Just outside of Los Angeles, (27 miles to be more exact), Yorba Linda has earned its reputation as "one of the best small cities in America". But did you also know it was haunted?

Cause I had no idea. I mean, lots of places are haunted around California, especially in L.A. but I think it was these more flashy, notable spots that kept me from understanding one of the scariest places in California is the seemingly innocent Yorba Cemetery. And you better not go there on June 15th.

Why shouldn't you visit the Yorba Cemetery on June 15th?

While I have not visited the Yorba Cemetery, I had family up that way that would often beg us to go visit (my mom was not having it). So, of course, I heard all about the cool history second hand as I pouted. The Yorba Cemetery was once part of the Rancho Canon de Santa Ana owned by Bernardo Yorba. The County of Orange earned the deed to the place in 1967.

In 1858, Benardo gave the Catholic Church the property in his will to use as "a burial ground to serve Yorba's family and friends."

Cool. Private burial grounds.

The last of the people on Bernardo's list were buried in 1939. And one of those people, known as the "Pink Lady", is said to haunt the graveyard on June 15th every year. The tragic ghost is said to be that of Alvina de los Reyes, who died in a buggy accident on her way back home from a school dance at Valencia High School. She is said to walk the graveyard in her pink dress every June 15th "on even numbered years between midnight and 4 am". No one has reported seeing the poor girl since the 80s, and while there has also been no photo evidence of her, cameras have caught energy fields at the cemetery.

I don't know about you, but this is one cemetery I will steer clear of, at least on June 15th. If you do go ghost hunting, though, remember to stay respectful.

No one wants their sleep disturbed.

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