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Did you know there's an (apparently) haunted Burlington Coat Factory in Stockton, CA?

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I miss living in California. I grew up there, spent twenty-something long years there, and was even born in Stockton. But I swear, everyday there is something new I learned about. my home state that just makes me say "Whaaaa?" Especially when I was only an hours drive away.

Today that "whaaa?" moment is sponsored by the apparent haunted Burlington Coat Factory in Stockton, CA.

Why is the Burlington Coat Factory in Stockton considered to be so haunted?

Burlington, known in the past as the Burlington Coat Factory, is a well-known establishment in our modern world. A branch of the Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation, there are over 740 stores in 40 separate states and Puerto Rico. In 1972, Monroe Milstein was convinced by his wife, Henrietta to purchase an old factory outlet warehouse in Burlington, New Jersey (which would later become headquarters). Believing in him, she used money she'd been saving from her work as a librarian to pay a good portion of the $75,000 down payment. The original Burlington store started with a humble selection of coats and jackets, and would eventually expand to include gifts, housewives, baby gifts, shoes, and all the items we've grown to love and expect from the Burlington Coat Factory.

However, no matter how interesting the history of this place is, it's not the part that intrigued me. Or you, I assume, if you're still here. I want to know about the hauntings. I did a lot of research about these hauntings, and unfortunately, not much came up in the way of history or news reports. Still, I was able to find some information left by an actual source on a very popular website ( who used to work at the Burlington Coat Factory on Hammer Lane in Stockton, and their accounts are chilling.

According to the former employee, a "little ghost girl" haunted the children's clothing and toy aisles as well as a "transparent adult figure". Another employee mentions a strange teenage girl.

"One night, around 11:30 pm, we were cleaning up and restacking shelves when all of a sudden-Working alone in my department which was in the baby department, I got midway down one particular aisle to put something away, out the corner of my eye, I saw something walking about four feet away from me. As I turned to look in the direction of the movement, I saw a transparent adult figure. As soon as I layed eyes on it walking, it disappeared. I had hairs standing up on my neck. When we all got to the break room for release, another employee said about the same time I saw the apparition, he saw a teenage girl squatting down hiding from someone so he thought it was another employee but when he saw her, he turned around and she had vanished. So, what Im guessing is that there are more than one ghosts haunting this store"

Can you take a ghost tour of the haunted Burlington Coat Factory in Stockton, CA?

Seeing that this Burlington Coat Factory is still an active department store, I find it unlikely that there's a tour. (Also, I looked) But the good news is it's an active department store, so you can walk right in to the children's aisles and maybe do a little respectful sleuthing yourselves. I know what I'm about to do when I go home to visit. My only question is: Who's coming with me?

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