Would you visit the historic (and mega spooky) Spanish Point in Sarasota County?

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For those who might be wondering, Florida truly is a dream location. And there are few places more beautiful in Florida than Sarasota. With perfect white sand and clear waters, Sarasota is a must-visit for anyone considering. But that isn't my favorite part about it. I'm kicking myself because the last time I visited, I didn't know that it was one of the most haunted places in Florida. And of course, every haunted place has to have their own historically haunted locations. In Sarasota, it's hard to find one more famous than Spanish Point.

Why is Spanish Point considered to be so haunted?

Known as Sarasota's Hidden Oasis, Spanish Point, according to archaeological records, not only dates back to around 5000 years ago at least, with proof of inhabitants since 380 A. D.. (The Manasota Culture). Spanish Point is also known as one of the most quoted archaeologically valuable pieces of land in Sarasota.

Archaeologists have found a burial ground at the entrance of the park end a quote prehistoric shell midden (a hill). Here they have found a plethora of quote domestic waste such as "shells, pottery shards, and fish bones". Spanish point was also built above sea level to protect against the vicious storm seasons. 

1000 years later, the Webb family would make their way from Utica New York to Florida in 1867. From there what was the south Florida weather to Spanish point end the web family cleaned it's for their own. The rest is history. Of course, there's so much more to the history of this amazing place, but that can all be visited. Guests can walk along the beach and learn about all the different shells at those see they can take the jungle walk and look at all the beautiful plants.

That's not what we're interested in. Or at least I'm not. I want to know about what's haunting this place. Allegedly.

Because of the burial grounds many guests who have taken either one of the walking tours or when the tram tours offered by Spanish Point have seen something. Notable reports include guess who have caught "glimpses of settler spirits roaming the grounds among the live Oak and Gumbo Limbo tree.

There's also, of course, another graveyard for the settlers. And near the graveyard is Mary's Chapel, which was named after Mary Cheryl who died of tuberculosis at the young age of 20. According to history, she had thought moving to Sarasota would Help her illness. Visitors claim that if you listen closely sometimes you can still hear "the faint chime of church bells ringing in her chapel at night".  

Bertha Palmer, who is without a doubt when was influential people when it comes to what Sarasota is today, is also known to walk the ground she once loved. Back in 1910, Miss Palmer came to Florida and built her sprawling 350 acre winter home where are the webs once had their settlement. And of course it's now known as Spanish Point. Miss Palmer loved the gardens, and guests have been known to see her wandering through the gardens on her estate.

Can you take a ghost tour of Spanish Point?

The great news is yes, you can! There are a number of tours to take at Spanish point, and those include ghost tours. Guests can enjoy both guided, boat, and self tours of the amazing grounds. 

And as for ghost tours, there are “Full Moon Ghost Tours” offered as well for a very reasonable price. I know I’ll be booking the next time I’m in Sarasota. My only question is: Who’s coming with me?

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